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Full Name Yosher
Gender Male
Species Yoshi
First Appearance Yoshi's Island U
Yoshi, Baby Mario
Yosher is a male Yoshi from the Yoshi video game series, first appearing in Yoshi's Island U. His ancestor is the namesake of Yosher's Isle, appearing in the same game he debuted in. Like his family, he has no tongue but is able to attack via powerful punch. His main color is Brown.


Yoshi's Island U

Yosher's debut is in Yoshi's Island U. In the game, Yoshi finds him at Yosher's Isle (also called Yosher's Land). Yosher tells him his story and joins his group. After Yoshi finished Funky Forest, Yosher decideds to help Yoshi by switching places with him. This is required to exit Funky Forest, as Yosher must break open a doorway. Afterwards, he is not needed to finish the game, but can be used if the player thinks he is better for combat. In the final battle, Yosher will come and help Yoshi until the rest of the clan finds him.

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