Yoshella 1
Yoshella, a sportif Yoshi Girl and the younger sister of Yoshi
Current Age Unknown
Gender Female
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Pretty fast driver
First Appearance Mario Kart: Pro Circuit
Latest Appearance Mario Kart: Triple Dash!!!

Yoshella is a Yoshi girl. She really likes sports and is Yoshi's little sister. She wears a yellow cap and yellow shoes. Her skin is turquoise. She is always happy and friendly, like Yoshi is. She is also good friends with Birdo and Toad.


Mario Kart: Pro Circuit

Yoshella first appeared in Mario Kart: Pro Circuit, where she was a Special Character which could be unlocked using SpotPass. She was a medium character. She was pretty fast and had good handling. She shares good chemistry with Yoshi, Toad and Birdo.

Mario Kart: Triple Dash!!!

Yoshella is confirmed to make an unexpected comeback in Mario Kart: Triple Dash!!! She's part of Yoshi's team and thus having the Yoshi Egg as Special Item. She is very good in acceleration and handling. More information coming soon...

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