Sally yoshi and Yoshette
Let's play tennis
Yosheena, Mario World Tennis

Yosheena is the best friend of Sally Yoshi. She always hangs out with her best friends, during sports and parties and sometimes go on adventures with her sometimes. Yosheena lives on Yoshi island  since she was young and is shown to be good friends with Yoshi, who she calls uncle.


Not much is known about her, except the part that she was born on Yoshi Island and lived there, until she got older (about Sally's age) and met her best friend, Sally during her first music tour ever. Since then, she became a loyal and trusting friend to Sally and support threw thick and thin and will always be there for her.


Yosheena is a tough, but wild girl who can't seem to sit still. Once she set her mind or sight on something or someone, she goes after it no matter how far it is or how hard it is. She the type of girl that never gives up or back down from a fight and will charge first, without thinking.

Be careful not to get her angry, she really hot temper and will get in your face if you mess with her. People often watch what they say around or about her because of this.


Unlike Sally who is a blonde, Yosheena has pink short hair with a clip on the side of her head and blue eyes. her saddle, is however is teal color, which is differeant from the other Yoshis saddles. her skin is kinda of silver and wears a green shirt with a blue shoes.

Games Appearance

  • Mario World Tennis - Yosheena is Sally's partner and is a Tricky type.
  • Sally's Muisc World - She is Sally's sidekick and 2nd player.


  • Yosheena is rumor to be Sally's sister.
  • Yosheena is to Sally like Daisy is to Peach, there best friends and are always on the same team.
  • She appear to be the only female with pink hair.
  • She loves to look at the clouds.

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