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Yoshara is Yoshiro's sister. She is a Para-Yoshi with a green shell and red shoes. She and Yoshiro like to go on adventures, especially with Mario and Luigi. Like Yoshiro, Yoshara is very friendly and is also a friend of Yoshi.


Yoshiro Land

Yoshara has been captured by Dark Bowser. Her brother, Yoshiro, has to save her and his friends. After he does that, Dark Bowser's vortex explodes, and Yoshiro soars down towards the Mushroom Kingdom, losing his flying powers. Yoshara calls Dr. Mario over to cure the problems caused by Dark Bowser's vortex, so Yoshiro will be able to fly again.

Mario Kart Ultra

Yoshara is a character in Mario Kart Ultra, who is unlocked via QR Code, along with Yoshiro, who partners up with her. Yoshara's special item is the Billy Gun (Bill Blaster in other terms), a carryable Bill Blaster from the Yoshiro series that she can use to blast ten small Bullet Bills at others.

Mario Kart: Charged Racers DX

Yoshara is a character in the Nintendo AVr game, Mario Kart: Charged Racers DX. She and her Double GP partner, Yoshiro, are unlocked by winning Mirror Lightning Cup.


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