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The character Yoob did not originate from fanon, and more information can be found on their respective wiki(s). You may read more about on the following wiki(s):

Yoob and a Yoshi
Full Name Yoob
Date of Birth During the Shroob Invasion
Gender Presumed male
Species Shroobified Yoshi
Location Yoshi's Island
Current Status Deactivated*
Class Boss
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (2005)
Shroob, Shroob Army

Yoob is a boss in the Mario & Luigi series, first appearing in the Nintendo DS game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Yoob is a giant pink and green Yoshi that was Shroobified during the Shroob Invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom. Yoob's egg mysteriously appeared on the Yoshi's native island, and became a tourist attraction. Upon hatching, it was revealed that Yoob was created by the Shroobs to eat all Yoshis and convert them to Yoobs, hence its large appearance.

Physical Appearance

Yoob looks identical to a pink Yoshi, except it is much larger and fatter (even bigger when the Shroobs zap it), has black spines, a black shell, blue shoes, green underbelly, black irises, red pupils, and pincers.


Mario & Luigi: Return of the Shroobs

Mario & Luigi: Return of the Shroobs
LocationYoshi Tower

Despite having been deactivated after the events of Partners in Time, Yoob reappears in Mario & Luigi: Return of the Shroobs as the boss of Yoshi Tower. At the end of the game, he is reverted back into a pink Yoshi.

Mario and Luigi: Paper Combine

Yoob makes an appearance as a giant boss in Mario and Luigi: Paper Combine. His role in the story is currently unknown.

Mario Rugby League

A smaller version of Yoob makes an appearance as a playable character in Mario Rugby League. He is a member of the Yoshi Eggs team in the game, alongside Yoshi, Birdo, and other notable members of the Yoshi species.


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