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The creator of this page does not speak English as a first language, so it may contain grammatical/spelling errors. As a reader, please feel free to make corrections as needed.

YonicStudios Logo
Logo as of 2014.
Type of Company Videogame developer
Animation studio
Founder(s) Yonic Soseki
Founded at/in 11th July, 2008
Headquarters Madrid, Spain
Area(s) Served Worldwide
Owner(s) Yonic Soseki
No. of Employee(s) 2
Predecessor Telephone Studios
YonicStudios is a Spanish game developer and animation studios. It also has a comic illustrator studio.

Currently, YonicStudios has developed games for Windows, but games for mobile platforms, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS are being planned to be developed. YonicStudios also had in mind the creation of a new games console, the YonicStudios Wave, but due to economical issues, the project was cancelled.


Only the productions relavant to Nintendo Fanon wiki will be shown.

Series and animated shorts


  • Paper Yoshi 2: The Seven Cores (2009-2014)
  • Paper Yoshi 7: Aether Echoes (2010)



  • Paper Yoshi 3: Alimbics' Secret (TBA)
  • Paper Yoshi 6: Amnesia (TBA)

Corportative logos

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