YonenBooe's art from Apples.
Full Name YonenBooe
Current Age 8
Date of Birth January 2nd
Gender Male
Species Booe
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Magical Gold
First Appearance Apples

YonenBooe is a main character from the Apples series who first appeared in the series' first game, Apples. His main ability is that he can meditate and summon gold, silver or bronze curly lines to move and attack objects and characters. He is also a user of the element fire. His main color representation is Dark Blue.



YonenBooe's first appearance was in the game Apples, where he was the only starting playable character. His ability in the game is attach and move with his Golden Magic ability. He can combine his power with MeizeBooe, RemBooe and Beartshu, which will result in different but similar abilities. In this game, he has 3 Power, 7 Speed, 6 Jumping and 6 Skill.


YonenBooe is one of the available characters that can be downloaded at the X-Shop. Along with a variety of other Fantendo characters, he will be received after downloading Fantendo Pack 2.


YonenBooe is clever, kind and adventurous, yet he makes a lot of sarcastic comments. He ususally doesn't want any kind of bad things and usually knows a good solution to anything bad. YonenBooe is also interested in cooking, playing violin, and playing video games.

Interactions with other characters


Darknes is YonenBooe's arch-enemy. When YonenBooe knew about his plans, he directly went of to destroy him. Darknes gets to know this and then tries to destroy YonenBooe and all his friends.


JonBooe has been shown to be YonenBooe's best friend. Even though they have really different personalities, they get along together very well.


MaizaBooe has been shown to be on very good terms with YonenBooe and it is even implied that they might be in a romantic relationship.


MeizeBooe is confirmed to be YonenBooe's best friend according to Apples's manual, however, in-game, this isn't clearly shown.


RemBooe is a good friend of YonenBooe's, as shown in Apples, where they talk and laugh a lot with each other during cutscenes.


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