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Yoko, the sweet kind Chao

Yoko is a character in the Neverhood Series. She is a female chao who Klaymen has a crush on. She is also best friends with Nora.

She is a blue chao with red eyes, lips, dark blue hair, and wears a red gown dress.

Battle For The Neverhood

Monster Yoko

Yoko's monster form

Yoko was mutated by Dr. Kogg's mutation gas, turning her into a giant Stingy Fish. She is later found in the Lurker Graveyard along with a mutated Nora, but they both get defeated by Klaymen and Charles. Yoko tries to kill Klaymen and Charles by using her stingers, and she is invincible until she goes into the fountain inside the giant tomb (that you enter as Klaymen and exit as Charles).

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