Yo-Kai Watch 4
Developer(s) Level 5, Green Productions
Publisher(s) Level 5
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS/ Nintendo NX
Release Date(s)
Spring 2017
Age Rating(s)
CERO A RatingE10+Rating Pegi 7
Genre(s) Role-playing game

Yo-Kai Watch 4 (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ4 Yōkai Wotchi 4) is the fourth game of the Yo-Kai Watch series released for the Nintendo 3DS/Nintendo NX by Level-5 and Green Productions.


The game starts with Nate/Katie (depending on which one you choose) and his/her family having to move to England due to business. But since Nate/Katie's (based on which one you don't choose) father works for the same company, he/her move to England as well.



This game, like all other Yo-Kai Watch games, debuts over 100 new Yo-Kai, known as Ropean Yo-Kai

Yo-Kai Watch 4/Ropean Yo-Kai

Yo-Kai Watch V

The Yo-Kai Watch V is the newest Yo-Kai Watch model that allows people to see Classic, Present, Merrican, and Ropean Yo-Kai. It can be used with Classic Yo-Kai medals, Z Yo-Kai medals, Merrican Yo-Kai medals, and the new Ropean Yo-Kai medals. This Yo-Kai Watch model allows you to switch your Yo-Kai team without visiting a Eyepo. It even gives you suggestions on what Yo-Kai to use to defeat the Yo-Kai you encounter.

Multiplayer Mode

The 1st player is Nate, the 2nd player is Katie, the 3rd player is Eddie, and the 4th player is Bear. If you are playing the 3DS version, everyone looks at their own screen, while on the NX version, everyone looks at the split screen TV. Before starting the game, you choose the rules. The time limit (5 min.-100 min.), how many Yo-Kai each player starts with (1-6), what rank Yo-Kai can appear, and whether at the end you want to see who got the most Yo-Kai or who can win a battle to determine the winner. Each player starts off with a pre-selected amount of random Yo-Kai. Everyone then goes around England trying to befriend as many Yo-Kai as they can, only using the Yo-Kai they start off with. Once the time ends, you either (depending on what you picked at the beginning) see who caught the most Yo-Kai, or who can win a battle. If there are 2-3 people, it is a very simple battle. But if there are 4, 2 people can either team up, or you can have 2 1V1 battles before the final battle against the two winners.


This is the first main-stream Yo-Kai Watch game to be released on a system besides the 3DS.

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