Ylisse's Mourning

(Psst. Hey, it's Natasha, or NTProductions (tbc). Remember me? Haha, nope. This is pretty much a Headcanon fanfiction where I crossed Okami with Fire Emblem. Kinda weird, I know, but hey, aren't we all? And besides, I love it. If your wondering, the text follows Lissa, Frederick, Cordelia, Lucina, and Morgan-all characters from Fire Emblem: Awakening-mourning for the loss of their Exalt, Chrom, and his wife, Akira. Akira is pretty much Robin. Except she's from the Moon Tribe. You know, in Okami. and the character "Waka", in this Headcanon, is Akira's brother (HES A CANON CHARACTER FROM OKAMI. THATS ANOTHER STORY.) Also, if your wondering, Lissa is Chrom's sister, Frederick is his head knight, Cordelia is a Pegasus Knight that is madly in love with Chrom, and Lucina and Morgan are Akira and Chrom's children. The Moon Tribe Cataclysm has happened, and Chrom and Akira have "disappeared". A year later, they are pronounced dead. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! This took me a while and, while it may not make much sense to most people, I thought I'd finally be active on something! So yeah. Thanks! ~Natasha)

How could he be gone?
My brother was the strongest person ever... he couldn't just die.
But he hasn't come back from the Moon in months. Yeah, this one was supposed to last a while... but then ten months went by. Then eleven... and twelve... and he still hasn't returned. We haven't heard from Waka, either. He's gone too. Hasn't written or anything in weeks.
No one from the Moon has done anything since Chrom and Akira disappeared. When he was little, my brother was always so determined to be the best leader ever, even if he wasn't the Exalt. He said if he wasn't the Exalt, he'd be the head army commander- and he'd do everything to protect the people. I said I'd heal everyone in his army so they could keep fighting- that's why I became a cleric. And we made a promise that we'd make it happen. We'd call the best group the Shepherds... Shepherds to protect the sheep.
And when we met Akira, she was a stranger girl who was collapsed in a field without memory. But I took an instant shine to her. She was just fun! And when she married Chrom, I was so excited to have her as a sister-in-law.
But then that demon guy Yami came and we found out the truth... I almost thought Ill of her but then Waka came and told us the whole story. Waka's cool too. He's just... weird.
So when Chrom, my brother, my inspiration, and Akira, one of my best friends, were deemed... gone... I couldn't comprehend it. I've asked Frederick about it...

I just... can't right now.
For once in my life I've found it hard to do anything- hard to function, let alone serve as the textbook role model for people. It's hard to picture, but I am simply a mess inside, no doubt about it.
Milord meant the world to me- yes, I was a tad over-considering at times but after the death of his parents- when hearing about it as an apprentice I swore to myself I'd do all I could to protect milord, even if I didn't become his right hand man like I had. When that did happen, and I became the guardian of him and Lissa, I took my job very seriously. I never let anything happen to either of them while Emmeryn led the country. I tried to help her as well, but slowly, I became more inclined to milord and lady.
It was really incredible, how well Emmeryn took pressure. Milord had always looked up to her. When we found Akira, I was rather suspicious. Who with sense would not be? She was a stranger with a foreign name that claimed to know nothing of who she was- but miraculously knew Chrom's own name. Gods, I was skeptical. And my entire theory was proved right when that Demon fellow Yami arrived. I said nothing in the matter but I knew what milord was thinking- he knew I had been right all along. But when Akira's brother Waka showed up... we all learned that it was necessary- amnesia was far easier to believe than her true heritage and story.
As such her marrying milord became no longer an irksome detail for me. I knew why she did such a thing and I really took a shine to her afterwards- most of the Shepherds did. When she died, along with Chrom, it came to a shock for everyone.
Especially Cordelia, who was devastated by Chrom's death completely...

I can't get over it.
I just can't! People think me to be perfect and a military genius, but how do I live up to such a thing after the man I was enamored with died without me telling him at all!? I should have been tougher... I should have been courageous enough to tell him and resilient enough when he said he wasn't interested. There were so many should ofs... all of which I never did.
People tell me I shouldn't nitpick myself so much, that I'm my worst critic, but this takes it over the edge...
What happened to Captain Chrom?
He never did anything wrong- at least not in my eyes. He tried so hard to prevent a bad future... he did, for a while. But then whatever killed him happened... and he took Akira with him this time.
I can't say I didn't care about Akira dying, though. She had crazy ideas that somehow worked and often times they were fun to execute. One of the most distinctive laughs in the army came from her when something funny happened. But what really mattered to me is that she never treated me badly because I wanted Captain Chrom. She always understood and actually made jokes about it from time to time- about me 'stealing her man' or 'riding off with him in the sunset'. Idle quips like that made me feel better about loving him without him doing the same for me... so when I did find someone who I could be with, it was easier to let go. But I would always harbor attraction for him. I thought he'd always be there... I expected so- he was made immortal by Akira. I thought I had finally made peace with myself...

You see, this is a very hard concept to explain to children...

Everyone in the castle is sad for some reason.
See, I'm not sure why cause it's all ok... well, my daddy and mommy went away for a while but that's ok! I think they're just so cool, no matter what they say people will miss them when they leave.
But people have said that they won't be coming back for a while. I guess I'll miss them too, if they're gonna be gone so long.
I wonder what happened? Everyone looks at me all sad like sometimes now. What are they so worried about? It's like something really bad happened.
Maybe I'll ask Morgan, even though he's younger than me. Maybe he knows cause he asks people so many things...

I wonder what happened to mommy.
I always liked mommy. She was my favorite person in the whole entire world. I loved her even more than daddy.
Me and mommy always read together. She always showed me cool things like Tomes and her horse, Cole. I'm only little, so I can't do much yet. But I'll be able to do stuff soon! I can start doing magic when I'm all growed up, when I'm ten. But everyone's so sad now. I wonder why, so I asked people all about it and they only answered a little, so I listed to the grown ups all talk...

Hey, what's Death?

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