Ykcolb's Sprite
Full Name SS. Ykcolb
Current Age 51
Gender Male
Species A dark big Blocky that resembles General Blocky
Location Dark places
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) His Flail which is a Purple-sparkling dark purple ball with blue chain
Ability/ies To fly like Goku
Ykcolb is the Dark version of General Blocky, who is a bounty hunter, he hunts down Mario/Luigi and trys to capture them, instead of having a scimitar around with him, he carrys his own flail around which is a Dark-purple ball that sparkles purple with blue chains


Ykcolb is a Dark version of General Blocky, he is shaded purple, his feets are blue and his hands are purple, his head is Orange, he dosen't has moss on him, but instead has a plant growing out of his head which is a purple Rose


The only weapons he has is his Flail, which is a Dark-purple ball that is spiky with blue chains, the ball sparkles purple, it has the ability to have a Strong Knockback, if it hits someone, it will knock them away very further with strong knockback

Game Appearance

New Super Mario Bros. 2 U

He makes his debut in this game, he is hired by Dark Bowser to hunt down for Mario and Luigi, he only appears in World 7 Plus (Mystic Forest), Mario meets him as he tends to fight him, he attacks mario by spinning his flail around, Mario has to avoid the ball before he gets knocked off the Platform, Mario has to Ground-Pound on his head to make him dizzy and carry him and kick him off the platform on the lava, dealing damage to him, when he falls in lava, he gets burned and jumps back on the platform with his flail, this method must be repeated 4 time for him to jump away while being burned on lava when he's defeated, he is the Plus Version of General Blocky, to make the battle harder, the platform goes up and down and there are piranha plants on the platform


  • His name is Blocky spelled backwards
  • He carrys his flail around in all games, but General Blocky uses his scimitar in some games
  • Since the flail has strong knock back, All persons who are weak or strong are affected by the knockback
  • his shadings of purple is similar to a false character from Super Smash Bros. Brawl except he dosen't have yellow pupils and dosen't have purple auras on himself
  • His pose is similar to General Blocky's, except it's flipped