Yibimin MS Sprite
A number of Yibimin tribesmen, as seen in Monster Space.
Species Origin Unknown
Rarity Uncommon
Alignment Varies
Average Behavior Can be torn between civility and primal aggressiveness
Habitat(s) Mountain forests
First Appearance Five Heroes
Latest Appearance Dangerous Wilds
Fibimin, Gibimin
Ribimin (undead variant)
Related Species
Agogwes, Halflings, Hibagons, Pendaks, Sasquatches, Stunk Aipes, Wendigos, Yetis, Yowies
Notable Members
None known

The Yibimin are a primitive race of sapients indigenous to the magical world of Diakatan. Through strange evolutionary processes, each Yibimin pregnancy begins as twins, each initially starting with two arms but soon afterwards having one absorbed back into the body. Strangely, each twin will absorb a different arm, leaving one right-armed and the other left-armed. Another related and equally strange evolution is that the left-armed Yibimin will have their arm grow longer and far more dexterous, becoming known as a Throttler while right-armed Yibimin have their arms grow bulkier and far more muscular, becoming known as a Basher. Interestingly, a pregnant Yibimin cannot actually carry both fetuses to full term and this leads the twins to eventually be forced to kill one another in an attempt to survive themselves. This is a rude introduction into the life of being a Yibimin.

Their culture, partially due to their singular arms and partially due to them occasionally tearing down their culture to begin anew, is in constant flux as the ruling type of Yibimin (Throttlers or Bashers) is directly related to which group possesses the most members amongst each of their settlements. As one might come to expect, Throttlers tend to be better at stealth and more philosophical in personality while Bashers are simple and aggressive in their tactics. With this in mind, however, even a Throttler can be waxing philosophical one moment and be swinging you around the next, shredding you to pieces. They appear to suffer as a whole from some sort of "malfunctioning switch" that lets them act sapient and even benevolent one moment and being completely animalistic and instinct-driven the next.

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