Yggdrasil is a beat em' up platformer designed by Laughball Interactive for the V², featuring several cooking and farming elements as well. Players can traverse through procedurally generated levels to hunt monsters and gather ingredients, and then return home to cook up dishes that can be used to gain buffs, or gifted to NPCs in exchange for new weapons and tools.



In Yggdrasil, players control Syzele, a huntress with a variety of skills and tools at her disposal. The primary focuses of Yggdrasil are hunting down enemies across the six 'tiers' of the world tree, and using ingredients you acquire along the way to cook. Different recipes will increase your abilities in different ways, and as you progress further, you'll find higher quality ingredients and more exotic recipes.

In addition to cooking for yourself, you can give food away to the townsfolk and visitors of Rhoston, allowing you to upgrade your weaponry, unlock new ones, or receive other gifts. Different people have different preferences in food, so preparing the right dish is key to getting the best gear.


When out hunting, Syzele can jump by tapping the V2Action Green button (or the right bottom trigger), and tapping it again will allow her to double jump or climb up nearby ledges. She can attack using the V2Action Purple (or right inner trigger) for light attacks and the V2Action Blue button (or left inner trigger) for heavy attacks, with different weapons featuring different combos. Four weapons can be mapped to the V2Directional for quick usage, and the rest are located in the paused menu, along with Syzele's 24-slot inventory of ingredients.

The V2Action Red button (or left bottom trigger) is a situational action command; when in the middle of a combo, it can quickly be tapped to block incoming enemy attacks, although a poorly timed block will stun Syzele momentarily. If Syzele is holding any dishes, you can hit V2Action Red to start eating, although some larger dishes will leave Syzele vulnerable while she eats. Using the Center Scroll Wheel allows you to tilt the camera around slightly to scout ahead.

Yggdrasil is divided into six "Tiers", each with 8 regular levels, a Ruin, and a Sanctuary where bosses are fought. To unlock new levels, Syzele must locate a Shrine and leave three ingredients there. Ruins can be unlocked by finding a well-hidden Stone Tablet, and Sanctuaries are automatically unlocked after your first visit to that tier's Ruin.


Each ingredient Syzele finds has up to three associated flavors out of a total of six - Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty, Savory, and Spicy. These flavors will boost Syzele's stats in certain ways.

  • Sweetness increases Syzele's agility, letting her move faster and jump higher.
  • Sourness increases Syzele's defense, letting her resist more damage.
  • Bitterness increases Syzele's attack power, letting her hit harder.
  • Saltiness increases Syzele's resourcefulness, giving her a chance to forage extra ingredients.
  • Savoriness increases Syzele's HP, letting her last longer without having to return home to rest.
  • Spiciness increases Syzele's attack speed, letting her hit faster.

Eating basic ingredients provides temporary stay boosts while hunting, but cooking them up together allows her to gain permanent upgrades, which can be measured in Syzele's status menu. Relying too much on one flavor makes your other stats weaker, so a balanced diet is crucial to utilizing your full potential.

Recipes are unlocked by clearing levels under certain conditions; generally speaking, most levels have two or three recipes to unlock. Recipes call for specific ingredients, but Syzele can often substitute basic ingredients for more powerful Grade-A, Grade-A+, and Grade-S variants.

Cooking in Yggdrasil is done through a variety of minigames, with higher quality recipes requiring both more minigames and better performance. Each minigames can be practiced at any time at Syzele's home without wasting actual ingredients. The minigames include:

  • Stir: Rotate the thumbsticks in varying directions to stir up batter or sauce.
  • Tenderize: Mash V2Action Purple and V2Action Blue (or the inner triggers) to soften up tough ingredients.
  • Chop: Use V2Action Green (or the right bottom trigger) to chop up ingredients while using V2Directional to carefully move your knife.
  • Heat Up: Use the center scroll wheel to adjust your stove's temperature, making sure not to undercook or burn your ingredients.




Name Info Skill

The Huntress of Rhoston

A young woman from Rhoston, seeking to restore both her world and the ancient tradition of Milli Heima's huntresses. Syzele is incredibly focused and dedicated to the greater good, but can sometimes be a little stubborn and competitive. Foraging

Syzele can forage for organic ingredients on the ground and in trees.


Name Info Gifts

The Guarded Guardian

A childhood friend of Syzele, now the captain of Rhoston's guards. Seymour's friendly and good-natured, but strongly believes Syzele should join the guard instead of risking her life out in the wild. His favorite flavors are savory and spicy and he hates bitter foods; maybe catching up with him over a nice meal will convince him to change his mind. One-Star Gift: 250 Coins

Two-Star Gift: Butcher's Blade upgrade
Three-Star Gift: Kebab Javelin
Four-Star Gift: Captain's Trail Mix recipe
Five-Star Gift: Kebab Javelin upgrade

Dominio Alumina

The Bold Blacksmith

The oldest child of the blacksmithing Dominio clan, known for her intense work ethic. Alumina is somewhat reclusive and timid, but when in her comfort zone, she's confident and unafraid to speak her mind. Her favorite flavors are sweet and sour, but she hates bitter foods. One-Star Gift: 100 Coins

Two-Star Gift: 5% discount from Dominio Obsidi's store
Three-Star Gift: Cast-Iron Hammer
Four-Star Gift: Dominio's Glazed Pasta recipe
Five-Star Gift: Cast-Iron Hammer upgrade


Name Info Gifts

DARE Shattered
Benevolent Trickster

One of the mysterious gods visiting Rhoston to investigate the recent chaos. Dare is surprisingly laid back and loves a good challenge, so he'll often provide hints on where to find the toughest monsters. He'll appear in Rhoston randomly once you've cleared the first Tier and while he's not a particularly picky eater, he loves spicy foods the most. One-Star Gift: 5 Occult Tokens

Two-Star Gift: 3 random Gourmet-class ingredients
Three-Star Gift: Bloodlust Shackle
Four-Star Gift: 20 Occult Tokens
Five-Star Gift: Bloodlust Shackle upgrade


Name Info Items For Sale
Dominio Obsidi

The Ancient Armormaker

Head of the Dominio family, and a renowned blacksmith. Obsidi's been living in town as long as anyone can remember, but strangely enough, she still looks middle-aged. She doesn't talk about much outside of business, but Obsidi is happy to sell armor and spare ingredients. Iron-Plated Coat (costs 150 Coins)

Heavy Armor (costs 200 Coins)
Five random Common ingredients (cost 25 Coins bought individually, 100 Coins bought as a bundle)
Dominio's Glazed Pasta (costs 300 Coins)


The Wayward Widget

A poor little delivery drone who took a wrong turn and got lost in Yggdrasil's portal systems. You'll find D-Liv roaming around Rhoston, and if you can catch up, they'll sell you "subscriptions" - when you're low on health, D-Liv will fly by and drop off a box of assorted loot. You never know what you might get! Traveller's Essentials Subscription (costs 100 Coins; usually contains Disposable Cameras and Common-class foraged ingredients)

Organic Deluxe Subscription (costs 250 Coins; usually contains Rare-class ingredients and recipes, box occasionally spawns several monsters)
Brutal Premium Subscription (costs 250 Coins; usually contains single-use weapons, box occasionally explodes)
Platinum Couture Subscription (costs 400 Coins; contains armor, either powerful or incredibly frail)



Each level in Yggdrasil is semi-procedurally generated; the general shape and distinct features of a level will always be present, but the terrain, plant life, and enemy selection will vary. Once a level is entered, it will keep its layout until Syzele rests or defeats a boss.

Tier 1: Salted Wilds

Name Info Plants and Minerals Enemies

Jade Fields

A peaceful, windy field on the outskirts of town. There's a couple small hills here and there and plenty of wildlife, making it a perfect area for beginners to practice in. Sunset Apples (100%)

Wild Kale (100%)
Wild Arugula (100%)
Wild Garlic (100%)
Salt (100%)

Mana Fruit (33%)
Jelglied Fruit (80% if any Jelglies spawn, 5% otherwise)
Rock Candy (20%)

Osseoar (100%)

Clambeibo (100%)
Fleffum (100%)

Green Jelgly (80%)
Orange Jelgly (40%)
Chief Osseoar (5%)
Jelgly Pile (5% if Green Jelgly and Orange Jelgly both spawn)


Rhoston Farmhouse

Once a thriving farm, these fields have been abandoned ever since Milli Heima began to shatter. There's a large barn to the west and plentiful crops to the east, but watch out for enemies lurking in the wheat fields. Sunset Apples (100%)

Goldengrain (100%)
Wild Kale (100%)
Wild Arugula (100%)
Mana Fruit (100%)

Salt (40%)
Milk Quartz (20%)
Rock Candy (20%)

Osseoar (100%)

Fleffum (100%)
Grainstepper (100% on first entry, 40% afterwards)

Clambeibo (80%)
Chief Osseoar (15%)

Tier 2: Boiling Falls



Name Info Drops Found In
Osseoar These wild boars live on a calcium-rich diet, with bones as strong as steel. They'll try to run you down with their spiked tusks and horns, but if they hit an obstacle, they'll get stuck, giving you a good opening to attack. Osseoars are often found close together, but they won't gang up on you unless a Chief Osseoar's leading the charge. Osseoar Pork (100%)

Osseoar Tusk (20%)

Salted Wilds (T1-1, T1-2, T1-3, T1-4, T1-5)
Clambeibo These mischievous little tree-dwelling rodents have a set of six prehensile tails on their backs, letting them hang freely from trees. They'll drop down to attack you and hide away quickly, so try to hit them quickly. If there's fruit in their tree, they'll toss them as projectiles, so keep an eye out. Clambeibo Tails (100%)
Salted Wilds (T1-1, T1-2, T1-3, T1-4)
Fleffum These strange lizards are covered from head to toe in a soft coat of feathers. They live close to the ground and can fluff up their feathers to soften any damage they take, so a sneak attack is key. Their brightly colored feathers draw a lot of attention, so if you set these little guys off, nearby beasts may attack too. Fleffum Legs (100%)
Salted Wilds (T1-1, T1-2, T1-3, T1-4, T1-5, T1-7)


Name Info Drops Found In
Chief Osseoar These Osseoars have become tough with age and now lead their own pack. They're a lot bigger than the average Osseoars, and they can deal more damage, but their basic attack patterns are similar. Nearby Osseoars will follow a Chief Osseoar into battle though, so approach with caution. Osseoar Pork (100%)

Grade-A Osseoar Pork (50%)
Osseoar Tusk (40%)

Salted Wilds (T1-1, T1-2, T1-3, T1-4, T1-5)
Grainstepper These mysterious lanky beings can perfectly disguise themselves as stalks of Goldengrain and will remain still for years in the fields, for unknown purposes. If you hit one while chopping down wheat, it'll quickly reveal its true gigantic stature and attempt to run away. Goldengrain (100%)

Prism Dust (100%)

Salted Wilds (T1-2, T1-3, T1-4)
Green Jelgly These vivid green slimes are one of the many native breeds of Jelglies inhabiting Yggdrasil. They tend to live in fields and forests, gathering nutrients from fresh fruit. Green Jelglies move fast and can slow you down, but they don't pack a big punch, so they're fairly easy to fend off. Green Jelgly Slime (100%)

Jelglied Fruit (10%)

Salted Wilds (T1-1, T1-3, T1-4)
Orange Jelgly These vivid orange slimes are one of the many native breeds of Jelglies inhabiting Yggdrasil. They tend to live in caves and plains, slowly absorbing nutrients from the ground. Orange Jelglies are one of the slowest breeds, but they can drain your HP, so approach them with caution. Orange Jelgly Slime (100%)

Jelglied Salt (10%)

Salted Wilds (T1-1, T1-5, T1-6)


Name Info Drops Found In
Jelgly Pile Jelglies have a natural tendency to try and huddle together, and on some rare occasions will merge into one gigantic Jelgly Pile. The Jelgly Pile can only move by rolling at you, but if you get run over, you'll be afflicted with one of the status effects the individual Jelglies dish out. Green Jelgly Slime (20%)

Orange Jelgly Slime (20%)
Blue Jelgly Slime (20%)
Pink Jelgly Slime (20%)
Yellow Jelgly Slime (20%)
Red Jelgly Slime (20%)

Salted Wilds (T1-1, T1-3, T1-4, T1-5, T1-6)




Name Info Variants Found From
Osseoar Pork Savory / Spicy

Delicious meat dropped by Osseoars. Used in several basic recipes.

Grade-A Osseoar Pork (Rare)

Grade-A+ Osseoar Pork (Gourmet)
Grade-S Osseoar Pork (Gourmet)


Chief Osseoar

Osseoar Tusk Salty

You can't really eat these spiked tusks on their own... they taste faintly salty if you dare to try, though.

n/a Osseoar

Chief Osseoar

Clambeibo Tails Savory

Savory lean meat dropped plentifully by Clambeibos. These are good for basic side dishes.

Grade-A Clambeibo Tails (Rare)

Grade-A+ Clambeibo Tails (Gourmet)

Fleffum Legs Savory

Easily cooked meat dropped by Fleffums. They're easy to stockpile and prepare.

Grade-A Fleffum Legs (Rare)

Grade-A+ Fleffum Legs (Gourmet)
Grade-S Fleffum Legs (Gourmet)

Mana Fruit Random flavor

The mysterious fluffy fruit that grows on all Yggdrasil trees. Its flavor changes from day to day, so it's a very versatile ingredient.

Grade-A Mana Fruit (Rare)

Grade-A+ Mana Fruit (Gourmet)
Grade-S Mana Fruit (Gourmet)

Foraging (lower Tiers)

Yggdrasil branches (higher Tiers)

Sunset Apples Sweet / Bitter

Juicy red apples, as radiant as a sunset. They're plentiful in the lower Tiers and make a good snack.

Grade-A Sunset Apples (Rare)

Grade-A+ Sunset Apples (Gourmet)
Grade-S Sunset Apples (Gourmet)

Wild Kale Bitter

Fresh wild Kale. It's rather bitter, but it tastes great in a salad.

n/a Foraging
Wild Arugula Spicy

Tasty wild arugula. For a leafy plant, it tastes strangely peppery.

n/a Foraging
Wild Garlic Salty

Delicious wild garlic. It's probably a bad idea to eat it by the clove, but it makes a fine seasoning.

n/a Foraging
Goldengrain Savory / Salty

This wheat-like grain grows on giant stalks the size of trees. It's important for several recipes, so it's a good idea to harvest as much as you can while hunting.

Grade-A Goldengrain (Rare)

Grade-A+ Goldengrain (Gourmet)
Grade-S Goldengrain (Gourmet)



Salt Salty

Guess how it tastes! This mineral makes a good seasoning for plenty of dishes.

n/a Foraging
Rock Candy Sweet

Nobody's quite sure how these sugary crystals manifest on their own in nature, but they taste delicious. Rock Candy can usually be found in large "veins", so it's easy to stock up a lot.

n/a Foraging
Milk Quartz Savory / Sweet

A mysterious smooth stone that develops in the caves of Milli Heima. It's not very useful on its own, but strangely, it turns into a milky liquid when heated up.

n/a Foraging


Name Info Variants Found From
Green Jelgly Slime Sweet

A flask of overwhelmingly sweet Green Jelgly residue, packed with nutrition. Thin enough to use in drinks, thick enough to use as a sauce.

n/a Green Jelgly

Jelgly Pile

Orange Jelgly Slime Salty

A jar of incredibly salty Orange Jelgly residue, packed with nutrition. You probably wouldn't feel great drinking it, but it makes an excellent sauce or glaze.

n/a Orange Jelgly

Jelgly Pile

Jelglied Fruit Sweet / Random flavor

Aw man, some Jelglies got to this fruit before you! You can still taste the sweetness, but there's definitely an aftertaste too.

n/a Foraging

Green Jelgly

Jelglied Salt Salty / Random flavor

Aw darn, some Jelglies got to this salt before you! You can still taste the saltiness, but there's definitely an aftertaste too.

n/a Foraging

Orange Jelgly

Prism Dust Random flavor

A mysterious dust with a distinct glow, dropped by some of Yggdrasil's stranger creatures. It's not very good for eating on its own, but it can be added to any recipe to amplify its stat boosts by 1.5x.

n/a Grainsteppers





Name Info Ingredients Preparation Obtained by
Osseoar Roast Savory / Spicy / Sweet

Delicious roasted Osseoar pork, with a light apple glaze. It's easy to make and the ingredients are pretty common, so it's a great way to fuel up for adventure.

1 Osseoar Pork (any quality)

2 Sunset Apples

Chop up Sunset Apples

Heat up Osseoar Pork
Stir Sunset Apples

Finish Jade Fields
Field Salad Bitter / Spicy / Salty

A tasty fresh salad made from simple ingredients you can find out in the fields.

2 Wild Kales

2 Wild Arugulas
1 Salt

Chop up Wild Kale

Chop up Wild Arugula
Stir all ingredients

Finish Jade Fields


Name Info Ingredients Preparation Obtained by
Huntress Stew Savory / Spicy / Salty

A traditional Rhoston meal, consisting of various meats cooked inside a hollowed-out Osseoar tusk.

2 Osseoar Porks (Grade-A or higher)

2 Clambeibo Tails (Grade-A or higher)
2 Fleffum Legs (Grade-A or higher)
1 Wild Garlic
1 Osseoar Tusk

Chop up Osseoar Porks

Heat up Osseoar Porks
Chop up Clambeibo Tails
Heat up Clambeibo Tails
Chop up Fleffum Legs
Heat up Fleffum Legs
Chop up Wild Garlic
Stir all ingredients

Find all ingredients in Jade Fields



Weapons and Tools

Name Info Obtained By
Butcher's Blade A large two-handed sword resembling a butcher's knife. Hit V2Action Purple to slash at your opponents, or perform a powerful overhead swing with V2Action Blue. Unlocked by default
Kebab Javelin A long wooden javelin, capable of being used as a weapon or a useful tool. Hold V2Action Blue to pull back, use the left control stick to aim, and release to toss it. It deals decent damage to enemies, can hit fruit out of trees, and even serve as an extra clambering point if it hits a wall. Three-Star Gift from Seymour
Cast-Iron Hammer A huge two-handed hammer, requiring perfect balance to swing. It's a powerful melee weapon that can defeat even the toughest foes, but its attacks are slow and leave you vulnerable. Holding V2Action Blue lets Syzele charge up for a heavy slam that stuns all nearby enemies. Three-Star Gift from Dominio Alumina
Bloodlust Shackle A mysterious heavy bracelet, glowing bright red beneath its rough surface. With this equipped, Syzele will have to fight with her bare hands, but its ominous red light will guide you to strong enemies, and Syzele gets a massive attack boost for every foe she defeats. Once it's been upgraded, you can also use it to revive defeated bosses for a rematch. Three-Star Gift from Dare
Disposable Camera An old-school disposable camera from Earth. Hold down V2Action Purple to snap a picture of an enemy; this provides you with some data on its stats and where they're most common. You can also use V2Action Blue to do some flash photography, briefly stunning enemies. After three pictures, it's pretty much useless, so use it carefully. Traveller's Essentials Subscription (bought from D-Liv)


Name Info Obtained By
Huntress's Coat

no upgrades or downgrades

A simple plaid longcoat, with plenty of pocket space and simple fabric. It doesn't really do anything special, but it doesn't hinder anything either. Unlocked by default
Iron-Plated Coat

+5% defense, -5% attack speed

A thick coat with some armor plating on the shoulders and legs. It was designed it to hit a good balance between endurance and maneuverability, but the heavy iron and thick fabric make it hard to keep up in a fight. Bought from Dominio Obsidi
Heavy Armor

+30% defense, -60% movement speed and jump height

A bulky suit of steel armor with an intimidating look to it. It's practically impenetrable, but being a walking tank means sacrificing a lot of agility. Bought from Dominio Obsidi


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