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Yggdrasil is an upcoming beat em' up platformer developed by Laughball Interactive. It was announced at Exotoro Entertainment Exclusive 2015 and has been delayed since then. Not much has been revealed, aside from a basic summary at E3.
Yggdrasil is a 2D platformer and beat em' up, with cooking elements as a side game. Players control a young woman named Syzele, a huntress who wishes to receive a blessing for her crumbling village, through the world of Milli Heima, home to one of the nine Yggdrasil trees. Utilizing a variety of weaponry such as giant butcher knives, fork javelins, and kettle bombs, Syzele can defeat mighty beasts and use them as ingredients in feasts worthy of gods!
Description of Yggdrasil from its announcement

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