Yeto & Yeta, a Yeti couple
Rarity Rare
Alignment Good
Average Behavior Friendly
Habitat(s) Peak Province, Hyrule
First Appearance Twilight Princess
Related Species
Notable Members
Yeto & Yeta

The Yeti are a race that live in the Peak Province of Hyrule. They have white fur and only their hands, feet and faces are furless. The males are quite big, roughly two times the size of a Human, and have big, beaverlike tails. The males are very strong and can easily knock members of other races down. The females, on the other hand, are only slightly bigger than Humans (roughly half the height of their possible mates) and have no tails. They seem to lack arms, although this could be because the only female Yeti that had been spotted wears some sort of armless sweater, and so her arms may be tucked inside it out of sight. It is unknown how strong the females are. It is to be noted that as Link encounters only two Yetis in the game, they may not all look the same and so the known description may not apply to the whole species.

Yeti speak Hylian, but not very fluently. Despite the perspective of them being large man-eating monsters, the Yeti are actually kindhearted and generous.

Legend of Zelda Online

Yetis are one of the selectable races in the Nintendo Wii MMORPG The Legend of Zelda: Online under the Goron category. They are a very strong race who can lift many items however they can only use a few items themselves. They can not swim at all.

The Legend of Zelda: Dark Legacy

Yeti appear, like all other species and subspecies in the LoZ series, in this massive 2D game that encompasses various nations of the world. In it, Yeti are portrayed as reclusive and rare, living at the top of some (though not all) of the highest, snowiest peaks across the lands. Because of similar evolutionary habitat and lineages, their territories occasionally overlap those of the Yooks; and while this overlapping sometimes does not affect or is even beneficial to the Yeti tribes, in other locations the two species are at war. Unfortunately for the Yeti, they suffer from a very low birth rate and this is causing their numbers to slowly dwindle as time goes on, meaning that the Yooks are currently winning the war(s). Dark Link can perform a side quest to either side with and champion for the Yooks or the Yeti and help turn the tide of the war in their favor. By doing so, he will either gain Malice or Honor, which will affect which ending of the game the player receives.