Yen The Green Puffball is a Wii game developed by Kunai Inc. It is a direct spinoff of the Kirby Series. The main character is Yen. He must take on King Dedede's haywire robo, Mecha DDD. There a
re 8 worlds, each with 4 levels, and a boss. It is for the Wii. It is the first game in the Yen Series.


Kirby is sitting by tree, just dozing. A shadow covers him, and a grey robotic King Dedede appears. But something is wrong, it seems to be malfunctoning. It tries to ram into Kirby, but a green Ninja Puffball saves Kirby. The Mecha DDD starts attacking random things. Kirby, his new friend Yen, and Yen's two warriors Blade Knight and BioSpark, set out to stop the robo tyrant. In World 2, Yen is challenged my Meta Knight. After defeating Meta Knight, Mecha DDD flies by, destroying things. Meta Knight Joins Yen and the gang. When you get to world 6, Yen manages to ground Mecha DDD with a kunai. Before Yen can destroy him however, King Dedede interferes, defending his robot. After defeating King Dedede, Mecha DDD gets up and hits King Dedede with eye lazers. Angered, King Dedede joins Kirby's team as Mecha DDD flies away. After cornering Mecha DDD in World 8, Yen and gang battle it. Yen wins, and everyone has a party.


The Gameplay is like Kirby's Return to Dreamland. Here are the playable characters.

Yen- Plays like Ninja Kirby.

Kirby- Plays like Kirby.... Ya .

Blade Knight- Plays like sword kirby, but faster and weaker.

BioSpark- Plays like yen but is faster and weaker.

Meta Knight- Plays like Sword kirby and Wing kirby.


Level 1- Orange Oranges

Level 2- Bananna Battlefield

Level 3- Grapefruit Glaciers

Level 4- Watermelon Waters

Level 5- Mango Magmas

Level 6- Cocoa Castle

Level 7- Huckleberry Heights

Level 8- Rasberry Rods


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