Yen 3d Edition Remake
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Yen 3D Special Edition is a 3DS game and the first special edition Yen game. It plays like the first yen game.


Like any special edition game, Yen 3D Edition features some extras. The game comes with a Movie (Once it is out, the link will be here: Yen: The Movie) It also includes a soundtrack.


Yen is on a small road in Dreamland, when a old man walks up to him. He is a elder of the village. "Hey sonny. Want this treasure map? I discovered it long ago, but alas, I am too old to look for it now. The legend says it is gaurded by an evil spirit, but I don't belive in ghosts." Yen takes the map, and decides to leave on an awesome adventure. Mecha DDD, not malfunctioning, and working for King Dedede again, chases after Yen.

Another Version was made for the movie. Read it here: Yen: The Movie


The gameplay is like a Kirby game, what the classic games were based after. But this time around, Yen is not based after one class. He has many abilites, from Ninja, Sword, and Fighter. Here are the levels.

Level 1 - Orange Oranges- Laughy Woods

Level 2 - Bananna Battlefield- Fake Meta Knight (Darakon)

Level 3 - Coconut Castle- Fake King Dedede (Darakon)

Level 4 - Huckleberry Heights- Kracko

Level 5- Rasberry Rods- Mecha DDD

Level 6 - Strawberry Seas- Fatty Whale

Level 7 - Celery Codes- Digital Dee

Level 8 - Turnip Tombs- Darakon


  • Though Kirby does not appear in the actual game, he is on the boxart.
  • Though Mic. Kirby appears in the soundtrack as the DJ.
  • In the movie, the last level is called Tomato Tombs, though in this game, it is called Turnip Tombs.

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