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Yen 3d Dreamland is a Yen game. It is also the first game to star the new Yen. It is the first 3d Yen game. NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE SPECIAL YEN GAME FOR THE 3DS, THAT ONE WILL BE PART OF THE MAIN SERIES!!!


Yen has finally returned to Dreamland after 6 months. Upon arrival, the party is crashed by Mecha DDD. He flies away and travels to his new fortress, which he built in the last 6 months. Here we go again...


Yen 3D Dreamland is a 3d platformer. You go from the beginning to the end of each level, where you find a sacred door. Yen can jump three times, or charge up to do a super jump. He can slash enemies with his sword. There are no powerups.

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