Yen 2 Mario Time


Yen 2: Mario Time is the sequal to Yen The Green Puffball and the second game in the Yen Series. It was developed by Kunai Inc. it is for the DS, because ShinobiKirby wanted to make the Yen 3ds game a special game. Instead of taking place in Dreamland, Yen is transported to an 8-bit Mushroom Kingdom.


After the events of Yen The Green Puffball, Yen is taking a stroll, when Mecha DDD flies by, going haywire again. But this time he is armed with a dimension hammer, which can teleport him to other dimensions. Mecha DDD fires a beam from the hammer, which opens up a portal, and he enters. Alarmed by what Mecha DDD might do to the people there, Yen follows him in. The dimension hammer runs out of energy, and must recharge. Upon seeing Yen, Mecha DDD flees, planning to leave him here. It could be years before Meta Knight and Kirby figure out where he is, so Yen must defeat Mecha DDD before he has a chance to fire his lazer agan. After meeting new friends, taking on new enemies, and dueling Mecha DDD, Yen must go back to his world, and say farewell to his new partners. But ShinobiKirby assures you they will meet again.


The game is played like the first one. Though the only playable character is Yen, and there is a helper system. For 50 coins, you can summon a helper, that do effects, here they are:

Mario (Default) Helps you for 20 seconds. Can jump on enemies.

Luigi (Default) Helps you until he gets hit twice. Can jump on enemies.

Goomba (Save in world one) Makes all Goombas on the screen friendly.

Koopa Troopa (Save in world two) Makes all Koopa Troopas on the screen friendly.

Toad (Save in world three) Gives a random item (25 coins, 50 coins, 1-up, Fire flower, Star)

Lakitu (Save in world four) Summons three Spinys that help you.

Hammer Bro. (Save in world five) Throws hammers at enemes for 5 seconds.

Princess Peach (Save in world six) Offers you three toads.

Bowser (Save in world seven) breaths 3 fireballs.


World 1- Mecha DDD

World 2- Flying Mecha DDD

World 3- Overdrive Mecha DDD

World 4- Lightning Mecha DDD

World 5- Fire Mecha DDD

World 6- Bowser

World 7- BowsaMecha DDD

World 8- Dimension Mecha DDD

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