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New Yen is an adaptation of Old Yen to look less like Kirby. His personality has also been edited to be more carefree and reckless, like Sonic The Hedgehog. He seems to be the same person, however, as seen by how Kirby reacts to him, and his place as the fighter of Mecha DDD. He debuted in Yen 3D dreamland



The first things you'll notice about New Yen is that he has hair, and the flaps on the sides of his head has been cut. He also has brighter skin, and grey shoes. His hat seems not to be edited. He has a new, flaming sword. His eyes are also yellow, as opposed to purple.


New Yen seems to be much stronger then the old one, being able to jump 15 feet and kick a dent in Mecha DDD's jetpack. He is a great swordsman, as well as being highly trained the the art of Ninjitsu.

Fantendo Games

Yen appeared in Fantendo Smash Bros. Mercury. He is unlocked by either getting 500 K.O.s or meeting him in story mode.

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