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Yen cut through King Dedede's ropes. "M-m-m-my gold! Why that Darakon! And you too Yen! What is wrong with you!" King Dedede was in a frenzy of orders. Orders included "Clean that! Replace that! Make a new one of those!" Yen was annoyed at the least. There it was, over the hill, Tomato Tombs! "Hey you, you want to get to Tomato Tombs, right?" King Dedede had stopped his rambling so that he could give a key to Yen. This key opened the gates of Tomato Tombs. Yen needed it to continue. He was almost to the cave! He held the key in his hand, and all of a sudden, it was gone. Yen saw a cyber bandit run into a portal holding Yen's key. "Why you...!" He ran in after the bandit. Here he was, smack dab in the middle of the internet. Celery Codes. "Great, great, great! My key is stolen, and not only that, I'm a jumble of pixels now! What could be worse!" Yen looked up. Two dark purple codes were coming towards him. "I spoke to soon. Viruses!" (Note from ShinobiKirby. The next part can only be explained as Yen beating the crud out of two codes. Ya... so here is what happened afterwards.) "That was too easy!!" Then he saw the bandit running along codelines, only 3 yards away from him, "Time to do some code surfin'." Yen jumped on the code strip. As him and the bandit were going at the same speed, he would never catch him this way! Yen threw a Kunai at the bandit. The bandit turned around, and fell down! That gave the chance for Yen to catch up. He threw the thief up in the air, grabbed the key, and carried them both to safety on a nearby platform. "Y-y-you saved me! Maybe you're not the n00b I thought you were! Here, go back home, and you can keep the key."

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