This is a Kunai Production! Do not edit besides spelling errors!


"Who's there?!" Yen asked. Meta Knight appeared above Yen, and swung his sword at him. Yen blocked with his kunai. "What?! Meta Knight?! What are you attacking me for?" The blades clashed against each other. When Meta Knight's voice came out, it was low and had an echo, "I am not Meta Knght. I have taken his form to give you this warning: Do not go snooping around for the treasure, or I will have to exterminate you!!!" At this moment, fake Meta Knight melted into a cloud of black smoke. Yen was not the type to back down, so he walked up a hill, right through Castle Dedede. The room gleamed with gold statues. "King Dedede must really like gold." A missle came out of somewhere above Yen. Yen jumped on it. Yen stuck an explosive kunai in the missle, and jumped off. 3,2,1, "KABBOOOM!!!!" Mecha DDD attacked Yen with his hammer. It slammed into the ground, and got stuck. Yen jumped on him, and stuck two explosive kunai in Mecha DDD. Mecha DDD used a explosion shield. He did not blow up, but he did take severe damage. Yen ran past. Waddle Dees ran everywhere, attacking Yen. Up next, Blade Knights! Yen jumped over them, "Get him!" Yen shot a explosive kunai at the wall. It exploded, and caused a pile of gold that blocked the Blade Knights from getting Yen. Now he was approaching the throne room. "Why is King Dedede destroying his own castle? And this castle shouldn't even be here!" He burst through the doors of the throne room. "You did not take my warning.... now you must die!" It was that same voice, coming out of Fake King Dedede. "I have tied up King Dedede in here so that I can control his subjects. Hahahaha!!!" And sure enough, King Dedede was tied up on the throne. "Why you... I'll get you!" Yen yelled. "Just who are you?" Yen tried very hard and kept himself from lunging at Fake Dedede. "Me? I go by many names, but you may call me... Darakon." Darakon's voice got lower, "I am... the spirit that gaurds the treasure!" Darakon frowned "I don't need to fight you, do I? Come to Tomato Tombs where I can finish you!"

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