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"Hey, you there! Come here sonny!" An old man was calling to a green puffball on a hill high above him. This puffball is our hero, Yen. "What is it, elder?" He hopped down. The old man cleared his throat "Long, long, ago I was a great explorer. I found a treasure map that could make me very wealthy. I searched for many years, until I was too old to search. But now, I know where it is. Tomato Tombs. Would you search for me?" He pulled an old map out of his cloak. "Sure! It will be a real challenge! And I bet the treasure might have somed food for Kirby!" Yen was really pumped! "First up... Orange Oranges!" Yen was just about to leave, when the elder shouted to him. "Oh, by the way, an evil spirit is said to live inside the cave of treasures! But it is just an old legend, right? Ho Ho Ho!" Yen looked back, "Thanks for the heads up, Grandpa!" Under his breath, Yen muttered "Ghosts? Pfffh!" He bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry!" He said. A group of thugs were sitting on the entrance to Orange Oranges. "Youz should givez mez that there treasure map, don't you think?!" Yen just snickered, "No, no I don't!" The thug turned all red, "Why you!" He punched Yen. Yen dodged and pushed the thug into two more of his members. Three more thugs charged. Yen threw two behind his back, and kicked the third into a fourth. The last member scurried away in fear. Yen entered Orange Oranges. The lush, forest of orange trees was great, but a danger lurked in this peacful forest. Laughy Woods! "YA HA HA HA HA!!! SO YOU'RE BACK LITTLE NINJA!!! PREPARE TO TASTE SOME ORANGES!!! AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY! HAHAHAHA!!!" Yen cut a branch of this so called "tree." "WAAAH!!!" Yen kicked it's face "YOOOO!!!" "Now let me pass, or I'll beat you like I did when you tried to destroy Dreamland!" Yen entered Bananna Battlefield. Swords lay on the ground of fallen warriors. Yen tensed. Someone, or something, was coming.


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