The Yeluna are an ancient, yet surprisingly advanced, civilization that appears in Mark of the Crescent. Peaceful and diplomatic at heart, the Yeluna are so ahead of their time that they are easily the dominant people of their region.

Around 2,000 years before Jake's time, the leader of the Yeluna, Fallo Patiux, and his head advisor, Ludum Ementi, become extremely interested in world domination and turn the Yeluna from a peace-loving tribe to a militaristic force, bent on conquering everything.

More TBA.


  • The Yeluna seem to have had some technologies (such as remotes and bombs) 2,000 years before the current era that the core story of Mark of the Crescent takes place in. The reason that none of these technologies have advanced from then until that time is unknown at this point.
  • Yeluna is a combination of "yellow" and the Latin word for crescent, "lunatis." The word "luna" is also commonly associated with the moon, which can take the look of a crescent shape.

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