Yellow the Hood'em
Full Name Yellow
Gender Female
Vulnerable To Ninjas
First Appearance Hood'ems
Latest Appearance Fantendo Sports Wii
Ninjas? I didn't order no ninjas?
Yellow, Hood'ems

Yellow is one of two main characters from the original Hood'ems game. She appeared in less levels than Red.


Yellow has white skin and wears a yellow hoodie. The rest is like any other Hood'em, having a voxel-like rectangular body and limbs.


Yellow is deeply in love with Red. She will do anything for him. She likes to get portraits done, because it makes her feel rich. Before the events of the first Hood'ems game, she enjoyed hanging out with her friends, even though she didn't say much as she is a shy character, who often feels outcast from the rest of the group. 



The Ninjas attacked Yellow.


Red is Yellow's boyfriend. At the end of Hood'ems, Yellow and Red find each other, and the strength of their love causes them to morph into one Hood'em, Orange. Later in the series, they learn to control their powers, and can seperate and rejoin whenever they like.


Robot helps Yellow find Red again after the Ninjas seperated them.

Mr. Sew'n

Mr. Sew'n attacked Robot and Yellow.

Mr. Hidden

Mr. Hidden attacked Red and Yellow.




Yellow was kidnapped by Ninjas and taken to Mr. Sew'n's lair.


A full gallery of all artwork of Yellow.

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