Yellow Toadette
Full Name Yellow Toadette
Gender Female
Species Toad
Princess Peach,
Princess Daisy,
Blue Toadette,
Family and Relations
Yellow Toad (brother)
First Appearance New Super Princess Peach Wii U

Yellow Toadette is a character from New Super Princess Peach Wii U and New Super Princess Daisy Wii U. She is Yellow Toad's brother and her best friend is Blue Toadette.


New Super Princess Peach Wii U

Yellow Toadette first appeared in New Super Princess Peach Wii U. She joins with Peach, Daisy and Blue Toadette in order to save The Mario Bros and the Toads.

New Super Princess Daisy Wii U 

Yellow Toadette is back, along with Daisy and Blue Toadette. Along with Birdo, they must rescue Luigi and the Toads once more.

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