Yellow Toad
Yellow Toad looking eagerly.
Full Name Yellow Toad
Current Age 10
Gender Male
Location Toad Town
Class Hero, Friend
Family and Relations
Blue Toad (brother), Green Toad, Black Toad, Luigi (friend)
Main Weapon(s) Mega Shroom
Vulnerable To Hat

Yellow Toad (also known as Ala-Gold or Wolley) is a character in the Mario series, and he is Blue Toad’s younger twin brother. He is usually a friend, but in New Super Mario Bros. Wii he is a hero. Yellow Toad is very similar to his friend, Luigi.

Game Appearances

Super Mario and the Ludu Tree

Yellow Toad is the third main character in Super Mario and the Ludu Tree and has to save peach. In this game he will also have some new features, such as different powerups, different styles of outfits etc.

Super Mario Bros. V

Yellow Toad is the least major protagonist in Super Mario Bros. V Blue Toad isn't a protagonist because he will appear in Super Mario 3D World so this is to equal them out there's also Yellow Toad Houses runned by Yellow Toads which gives the Playable Characters upgrades on their Jumps etc.

Super Mario Moose

Yellow Toad appears in Super Mario Moose as a playable character, where he helps Mario save Peach and the moose from Bowser.

Super Mario Moose Deluxe

Yellow Toad appears again in the deluxe version/sequel to Super Mario Moose, where he is once again a playable character.


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