Yellow BoB
Developer(s) Walange Corporation
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Prima
Release Date(s)
26th July
Genre(s) Fighting, RPG
Media Included e-Shop
Yellow BoB is one of the four expansion packs that Battle of Bracelets: Dark Shadows has. This one is called Yellow BoB, because the protagonist of this expansion pack is Tucker, the Yellow Bracelet. This one will be also available for Nintendo Prima, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS and it will be realeased two weeks after the Emerald BoB, the 26th July of this year.


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The amount of characters that appear in this extension pack is notably smaller than in the main games, but the player can send the characters that he/she hasn't in BoB 2, to said game.

Playable Characters

Character Description Abilities Weapon


(Yellow Bracelet)

He's the blond hero of this adventure. He fast knew that the energy of the Bracelet wasn't anything normal. Golden Form Golden Scythe


(Silver Azure)

She is the girlfriend of Tucker. Her main power is controlling the nature. Her kindness masks a powerful energy.

Wild Call


Azure Scepter


(Dark Violet Bracelet)

Dalia wears the Dark Violet Bracelet. She's the antagonist of this story while the rest of Dark Bracelets are trying to get Darkreon back. Mind Control Chaos Fan


(Shadow Jade Bracelet)

Oxidia Power Electroid Palm


(Dark Cyan Bracelet)

Gambling Chance Gambling Cards


(Silver Forest Bracelet)

He is Aingeru's cousin and, curiously, other Silver Bracelet. He becomes a faithful friend of Tucker when they first meet. Dragon Call Chaos Pincers

Non-playable Characters

  • John - Maroon Bracelet


  • He is the only bracelet who gets his Bracelet at the same time and the same place with other character, Emily.