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The Ybrik Series is a series of games for the upcoming Nintendo Wristshot, a common recurring object in the series is Ybrik defending the Starboros


Good Guys

Ybrik: This happy little cube would rather take a nap, but when duty calls he's on the job!

Princess Crystalline (pronounced: Kriss-tull-een): The wise ruler of Star Land, she assists Ybrik on certain occasions.

Prof. Brik: This guy is old, and I mean OLD! He's rumored to have created the Starboros, but he denies any connection with them.

Tribe of Shadow

Shades: The general of the Shadow Army, He is Ybrik's arch-enemy

Shady: A common trooper, just an enemy, nothing more.

Elite Shady: A stronger trooper then his normal counterpart, just an enemy, nothing more.

King Dark: The dark ruler of the Tribe of Shadow, he is only encountered on 4 occasions.


Red Starboro: A red Starboro

Blue Starboro: A blue Starboro

Green Starboro: Do I even have to say it.

Gold Starboro: ...

Star Staff: The combined form of the Starboros, It allows Ybrik to shoot light blasts, the only thing King Dark is weak to.

Star Piece: A piece of a Starboro, there are 20 of them.


Super Ybrik: Ybrik's very first adventure, it introduces players to Star Land, Princess Crystalline, and Ybrik a happy cube who always somehow winds up defending Star Land From the Tribe of Shadow.

Two other games titled Super Ybrik 2: Quest for the Stars, and Ybrik Kart were announced at Magmoor Mega Meeting 09.

More coming soon!

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