Yarn Nintendo is by NintendoDude.

Yarn Nintendo
Developer(s) NintendoDude
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Platformer


Yin-Yarn has come back for revenge. It all starts at Bowser's Castle. Yin-Yarn ambushes and turns Bowser and his Army into Yarn. He then turns the entire kingdom into yarn!

Mario and Kirby are walking through Toad Road. When they see Yin-Yarn in the distance. They run towards him, but got turned into yarn. Yin-Yarn turns Toad Road into yarn and heads for Peach Castle.

Playable Characters

Name and Picture How to unlock
Mario Starting Character
Kirby Ish Yarn Nao


Starting Character
Yarn yoshi zoom


Beat Peach Castle
Link Beat 2-4
Donkey Kong Defeat Yarn Bowser with DK
Samus Defeat Yarn Mother Brain with Samus

Toad Road

Yarn Mario and Yarn Kirby run through Toad Road. They hear Yoshi and Peach scream. They run towards the Toad Road Hub. The first stage is a basic training stage. It teaches you how to jump, run, and attack. You will find Goombas, and Waddle Dees. Once cleared you throw the badge. Some hills come up with some clouds. Climb the hills to reach the clouds and enter the 2nd stage.

While the first stage was a training. This one reveals that the yarn is pulling the Nintendo Dimensions together! You must go through a cloud-based level. At the end you use a yarn badge to turn into Tank Mario/Kirby. You can shoot Bob-Ombs and Bullet Bills. At the end you face off with Whispy Woods. Once defeated you get the next badge. This makes a giant Whispy Woods infront of the stage. Whispy Woods falls down on the cloud leading up to a platform. Go to the platform to get to the third stage. Similar to Green Greens.

You find Spear Waddle Dees and Para-Koopas in yarn form. You will bounce off clouds to get to higher areas. Then go inside trees. Then exit. You then go into a yarn pipe leading to a pipe maze. Once you find the right pipes you can get back to Toad Road and get the badge. The badge releases a pipe at the bottom. Once entered you are ontop of a mountain. You go to Daisy Garden. At this level you can see the Halberd in the background. You will find yarn Crazee Dazees (From Yoshi's Island.) here. It being a flower based level and all. You must climb tall flowers. In this you find a new feature. The change block. You must hit it to change characters. You must play as Mario to find another new feature. The Dark Blue Yoshi. You ride on there back while they run and flutter through areas Mario could not get through himself. You can only do this as Mario. Unless you hack. At the end of the stage.. Dark Blue Yoshi eats the badge?! Turned out this Yoshi was from Yin-Yarn's army. You must groundpound it three times. Once done the 3rd time the Yoshi falls apart droping the badge.

A huge flower comes up. Climb it leading you to.. Peach's Castle! Enter leading to a Boss Fight. Bowser and Yin-Yarn are rampaging the castle turning everything into yarn. This is you're first fight with Bowser. Peach and Yoshi are KOed and turned into yarn. Bowser is a simple boss fight. All you must do is get behind him. Use the yarn string to grab Bowser's tail. And spin him around causing damage to him. Once done three times Bowser falls apart. Yin-Yarn lifts up the sock reviving Yarn Bowser. Bowser jumps into the Clown Car and flees. Yin-Yarn starts to fly away. Kirby runs towards him and jumps up. He trys to inhale but forgot he was turned into yarn. Yoshi gets up and joins Mario and Kirby.

Before you get to World 2 a cutscene comes on.

Yin-Yarn is blasting Bowser and Boshi (The Dark Blue Yoshi from Daisy Garden.) for failing to defeat Mario and Kirby. Yin-Yarn opens a portal into Dream Land and flys into it.

Dream Land

Coming soon..