Yardon the FireFox
The brave hero of the The Chosen One
Full Name Yardon
Current Age 28
Date of Birth 1987
Gender Male
Location Lonalva Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Class Prince
The royalty of the Lonalva Kingdom
Main Weapon(s) Crystals
Ability/ies Jump higher, walk fast and also run fast.
Vulnerable To Water
The Prince
First Appearance The Chosen One
Latest Appearance The Chosen One
Yardon is the prince of the Lonalva Kingdom, he is a mix of fox and a dog, he first apparance is in The Chosen One.

About YardonEdit

Yardon is the son of Layra and Morlon, son of the kings of the Lonalva Kingdom, Layra is a wolf and Morlon is a fox. Yardon learns fire from the wizard of the Lonalva Kingdom, he also won the ability to summon crystals on his body.

Game ApparancesEdit

The Chosen OneEdit

In the Chosen One, Yardon is one of the three playable characters, he is the best one, he can jump high, walk fast and breath fire on the enemies. He needs save the Lonalva Kingdom from the evil wizard Doeso.


  • Layra the Wolf (mother)
  • Morlon the Fox (father)
  • Noveala the FireWolf (sister)


Yardon can breath fire, use lighting bolts on the enemies, he also have a ability to jump twice.


  • The fire on his body changes depending what happend on the local, if a enemy or a dangerous thing, the fire goes blue, if have a item or a secret thing on the level, the fire goes red, during the boss fights, the fire goes red and blue.