Yar and the fairy's is a old classic game where we see Yar's hunt on Soul matter
Yar and the fairy's
Yar's cover
Developer(s) Shadowlord554
Platform(s) 2D 8bit
Release Date(s)
single player


Yar and the fairy's is the first game to be released, it's about Yar agianst her arch nemesis Soul Matter. The game wasn't great rated so most don't even know that it cames out. This game was the first game Soul matter appears.

Yar is also the first time to appear, and He who sleeps in the shadow.


Yar want to continue her hunt on Soul Matter, she tries to discover where he was. She know that it has a form of a dragon. The soul dragon. When Yar enter the fairy forest she sees a dragon with blue color. In the hope it is soul matter she fought the dragon. And she was right, the dragon transformed in a tree eyed monster and fled away. Yar continue to follow.

When Yar almost end her quest she encountered the He who sleeps in the shadow. A powerfull deity wasn't strong enough for Yar and was knockout. Then Soul Matter came and fought her, but failed and was defeated. Then the dark universe explode and Soul Matter tried to teleport away but was couldn't because Yar used her powers. 

The three friends of Yar took yar away. Soul Matter and He who sleeps in the shadow survived.

Playable characters

  • Yar
  • Dar (Yar's son)
  • Lulu (Yar's sister)
  • Nabuar (Yar's consort)


  • Fairy land
  • Desert land
  • Stormland
  • Woodland
  • ice land


  • Kody turtle
  • Walking vulcano
  • Nightmare Fiend
  • Dark Soul
  • Red dragon
  • Green dragon
  • Blue Dragon


  • Soul Dragon
  • Sultan Buddan
  • Tree lord
  • Frost beast
  • Soul Matter


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