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Yar is the youngest daughter of Adur and is the powerfull fairy goddes. The goddes is the arch rival of Soul Matter. She hunted for the dark dragon for many years but never found the good one. Yar is the one of the best archers and is also a very good hunter. 


Prison of the soul eater

As daughter of Adur is she very powerfull and can easy kill a thousend in one wipe but she keeps her own powers in control. When the evil Soul Matter Hunted assault her fairy kingdom and captured her. Soul Matter wants avange the fallen Renders god agianst Adur, killing so much fairies as he could for her nose. She only suffered and suffered waiting for the moment that someone should save her, but nobody came. when Soul Matter lost his view on her she escaped. 

Train Fairies to warriors

To prevent Soul Matter from taking her back she begon to train the fairies to become great tactical warriors. The whole fairy kingdom wasstrong defended, But even over the thousends of years Soul Matter didn't atteked her she grew inpatience, now willing to hunt him forever, she trained the fairies to become great hunters.

Eternal Hunt

She later discovered that he has the form of a dragon she slayed so much dragons as she could but merely never slayed the right one. In the hope that she once shall avange the fallen fairies from the wrath of the soul eater.

Yar and the fairy's

Yar is the main protogist in Yar and the fairy's.

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