Yang Rebirth (new)(.png)

Full Name Yang "Light" Lux-Ris
Current Age 15 (artificially, prologue)
18 (artificially, volume 1)
19 (artificially, volume 2)
21 (artificially, volume 3)
Gender Male
Species Exodun
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Yang Lux-Ris (genetic template)
Yin Lux-Ris (partial genetic sister)
Ethnicity Caucasian (appearance)
Height 1.8m (5'10ft)
Weight 71kg. (157lbs.)
The Trump Card
The Project
Project: Light
Voice Actor(s)
Josh Keaton (English)

Shinobu Satouchi (Seiyū)

First Appearance Exodun (novel, chapter 0, act II)
Exodun (anime, unknown)
Let him grow into his latent power, Daxen... although he is not yet our ultimate weapon, he is still our trump card.
General Maxas

Light (real name Yang Lux-Ris) is an extraterristrial male hailing from the planet Exoa, and is one of the many central characters in the Source universe, and the main protagonist of the Exodun series.


Concept & Creation

The character himself has gone through various stages of development, at first being a combination of various characters from a number of famous series and anime. This first concept was for a now cancelled game, Nintendo-Men, in which Light (at this time, known as Dane) was to star in. Eventually, his character began to shift in a new direction, with various new ideas being applied to him. An example of this was that Light originally used to be proficient with a sword, lacking all abilities he currently displays. Several drafts and changes later, he became a much more original character, his name now changed to Light, with a wide variety of abilities, and a now greatly developed - as well as altered - personality.

Light's name comes from the Chinese philosophy of "yin (dark) and yang (light)." In the lore, however, Light is simply chosen as a name for him as he was the first initial test to come out of Project: Light.

The author for Exodun states that Light's personality draws heavy inspiration from the likes of Akira Toriyama's Son Goku; and Future Trunks, Marvel's Spider-Man, and finally, DC Comics' Superman.


Light resembles the average Human caucasian male, with long, dark streaks of hair that tend to pan to the right, like a Saiya-jin. Light's hair and iris colour differs from that of an Exoduns, as certain pigmentation processes failed during his "birth." He possesses an average build, less than that of the average Exodun. He stands at 5'10 ft. holding a tall stature. 

The first set of clothing worn by Light in the Exodun series is a full set of Exodun Mark. V battle wear, albeit tattered and broken due to his origins. His second major set of clothes are given to him by Andrew Lincoln, a fellow escapee from the Watch's headquarters. This includes a track jacket with red streaks on the edges, a black tanktop, and dark battle pants.


Despite not realizing his true heritage as an Exodun in the beginning of the series, Light does show certain traits that are common in the average Exodun. He is able to solve various problems with relative ease in tight situations, and is shown to be a logical thinker, able to divise plans around obstacles others would fail to counter (Humans tend to possess this trait - if not, greater). Despite his somewhat advanced mindset, he is also very carefree and understanding towards others. 

There are certain differences between an average Exodun and Light, however. As Light is the result of flawed cloning, he can tend to overreact in situations. In pale contrast to his calm mindset, Light is always ready for a brawl. The reason behind this is that certain behavioural genes are amplified to degrees beyond the regular limit, due to the failure of absolute genetic replication during cloning (the behavioural genes are amplified in Saiya-jins as well, explaining their aggression). That, and the fact that Light was created in order to be a living weapon - the first of many, as well. He has demonstrated multiple times that he is accurate with any projectile based weapon, be it bullet, or energy. Light also is somewhat of a fighting genius, inheriting Yang's tactical combat skills. 

Overall, Light is a leader; able to confront all odds, with both intelligence and power on his side. 


Project: Light & Birth

Following a large scale war with the Exoduns former ally, the Galactic Freeza Federation, the Exoduns managed to claim victory, but with several consequences following the war: a massive death toll, several equipment lost, and loss of various colonies and bases scattered throughout the cosmos; drastically reducing their defensive line across the galaxy.

Their home planet now without efficient defense, the Military met with the Exodun Council to develop a compensation plan. The "super-soldier" program became a mandatory part for all soldiers within the forces. The first initial experiments were failures; the subjects dying due to various complications. Head of the Exodun forces, General Maxas introduced the idea of clones, with their first test subject being the deceased Exodun elite soldier, Yang Lux-Ris.

The idea came to fruition after the idea was approved. After examining and beginning to conduct tests on what remained of Yang's blood samples (all Exodun soldiers are required to give a blood sample to the higher ranking officers), they began their cloning process. Certain equipment was combined with "Yang's" body in order to increase their proficiency in combat.

Initially, he was a perfect clone of Yang, but began to suffer some consequences due to the genetic breakdown, and complete replication processes becoming unstable after his birth. Thus, he was deemed as a defect. Following the genetic failures, the clone became underweight, was having a difficult time adjusting to the atmosphere of Exoa, unable to shoot beams of energy or fly (one of the proposed additions to an augmented soldier), and was easily defeated when confronted with fighting dummies. Maxas, however, saw potential in the project, and allowed him to live, requesting the science team implant a false subconscious so that he may be trained. He was designated as "Yang-2," or for military usage, "Light."

Powers and Abilities

At first glance, Light would appear to resemble that of the average Exodun warrior, or at least, an Exodun civilian that engages in daily exercise. However, due to his abnormal birth and creation, Light is in possession of powers far beyond that of the an Exodun. As he was born to be a "living weapon," Light was given numerous abilities that allow him to best even the mightiest of foes. The energy used in various weaponry were mixed with the blood in his system, which adds to his power even more. But, not only that, the energy that runs through his system is amplified by the radiation of yellow suns, thus giving him an edge on planets that orbit yellow suns.

Light was capable of defeating half of the opposing forces during the Exodun civil war with relative ease. In fact, not even two dozens of soldiers in peak condition were able to land a hand on Light during a brawl, before being knocked unconscious with ease. He was classified as a "Tier XI warrior" during the war.

Light's abilities were further amplified after landing on Earth, as radiation from the yellow sun amplifies the energy that surges through his body, thus allowing him to surpass limits further, and further heightening his powers.

He is most likely the strongest warrior to ever come out of the Exodun empire, however, he still has yet to tap into his full potential, as stated by Maxas during the war.


Light's powers are listed here.

  • Genetically Modified: During the process of cloning, Light's body and structure were altered to turn him into a super soldier, granting him various powers.
    • Augmented Strength: Light is able to lift 5 tons, as demonstrated during the Exodun civil war, in which he is faced with several soldiers operating war machinery. To their surprise, Light simply held the Exodun tanks, and threw them aside to continue protecting innocent civilians. However, that is not his limit, as Light was shown to lift 15 tons after an explosion in a nearby building causes several pieces of the building to fall, one gigantic piece weighing 15 tons itself, forcing him to hold it whilst wounded soldiers and civilians ran away. He showed minor strain whilst lifting it up.
    • Augmented Stamina: Light has demonstrated his ability to maintain peak physical exertion longer than most of the Exodun race, as he was able to continue his battle against various soldiers for hours on end. This is caused by his advanced musculature structure, which produces far less fatigue toxins whilst engaging in physical activity. Eventually, these toxins will begin to build up, before the fatigue finally manages to wear him out long into the activity's duration.
    • Augmented Durability: Light's body is physically tougher and more resistant to types of injuries than the majority of the Exodun race. During the war, Light took a beating from Exoduns wearing Tier IX armour, before they learned that the armaments they were using to fight him had completely broken and shattered, followed by Light revealing that he had taken no damage at all - feeling absolutely nothing whilst they punch and kicked him.
    • Energy Projection: Whilst soldiers within the Exoduns rankings would require a gauntlet (dubbed "Nova Projectors") to shoot energy bullets or beams from afar, the powers of this weapon were added into Light's structure, thus allowing him to produce and shoot beams of energy on his own. The energy used to supply ammunition for these weapons are also running through Light's body, which is why he does not need to reload.
    • Augmented Agility: Light's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of a peak Exodun warrior.
    • Augmented Reflexes: The enhancement placed upon all of his functions and abilities also enhanced Light's reflexes, allowing him to dodge entire strings of attacks with minimal effort. He is also able to dodge objects flying towards him at high speeds, as well as energy beams shot by Nova Projectors.
    • Flight: Although Light is capable of flight, this is one of the powers he was not yet aware of during his life as an Exodun weapon. However, after learning of his ability to fly, Light learned how to master his ability of flying, eventually gaining the ability to fly just about the speed of sound.


  • Instinctual Combat Experience: Though Light has never experienced any sort of training throughout his life, expert combat skills and techniques were implemented into his mindset at birth, thus granting his combat abilities akin to that of the military's greatest fighters.


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  • Prior to his canon introduction in the Exodun series, Light has appeared as a playable character in various video games before.
    • Though these appearances are now "uncanon" to the main series lore, the Light that appears in those games is in a way still canon, due to the Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered event. He explains that the Light making an appearance there is just an alternate version.
  • In the upcoming Exodun anime produced by Toei Animation, as well as several other anime series set to take place within the media adaptation of the Exodun novel, Light is set to be played by Shinobu Satochi, the seiyū for Fox McCloud in various Star Fox related media. In the English dub by FUNimation, Light will be voiced by Josh Keaton, who has voiced the likes of Spider-Man, and the Green Lantern in the past.