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Yandere No. 9 is a game developed by Pyro Enterprises for the Unoffical Series Swap Day 2, combining aspects of both Mighty No. 9 and Yandere Simulator to create a supposedly "unique Metroidvania experience".


It is the present day.

Robotics technology has advanced to the point where androids are almost full-fledged human beings. However, there is one issue; no android yet built has learned how to love.

Recently, young and handsome roboticist Dr. Taro Yamada may have just cracked that code. Working as a joint project between Sanda Technologies and Akademi Applied Robotics, a new high-end Xel-based android has been created... a female model known as Project AA9, but referred to by the designer as "Ayano Aishi".

The fact that a robot is able to love breaks exciting new boundaries in the field of technology. However, viewers and programmers alike should bear in mind that love works in interesting ways in organic life... How would it work in robots?









Obtainable Abilities


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