Yandere Diary is a (very) short story created for Sr.Wario's Spooky Scary Writing Competition and is created by TheFireDragoon (tbc). It is based off of Yandere Simulator and stars Yandere-Chan as she discovers a secret in the gaming club (while writing in her diary.) Writing on it began on 10/30/16. It is not canon to Yandere Simulator at all.


Day 1 - 10/1/16

Dear diary, I don't know why I bother with you. But maybe I can find out new ways to kill... KOKONA HARUKA. That bitch, she stole my senpai...Anyways, i'll head off to school now. I'll report in here if my Kokona killing plan succeeds...

I tried to drown Kokona, but for some reason she wasn't present in the bathroom. It turns out that today she was going to visit her friend... I'll make her pay!

Day 2 - 10/2/16

Dear diary, today i'll take down all of Kokona's friends. With nobody left to turn to for help, she's as good as dead. Hold on, someone texted me... 

Kokona's friends are all dead. I'm going to the gaming club tomorrow. Kokona will learn that she cannot run, she cannot hide, she will die.

Day 3 - 10/3/16

I have nothing to say. All of this will be erased when the police investigate. I will not let them find out my plans.

I pressed a button in the gaming club, and for some reason the world feels... different?

Day 4? - 10/1/16

I woke up, and today is Monday again. Everyone I killed has returned, but I have a plan..


Kokona is dead, her friends are dead, the occult club is dead. No survivors. No mercy.

Day 1 - 10/1/16

What a wonderful feeling. I just press that button in the gaming club, and it's monday again. This gives me infinite possibilities... hehehehehehe

Who needs this stupid diary anyways? It's going in the incinerator...

Day 50 - 10/1/16

Hello my new diary, I won't let anything happen to you...

The feeling of god is great. I can kill Kokona as many times as I want, and I can try out new ways. Just yesterday, I buried Kokona alive. Her screams were nice. I also kept Senpai in a coffin until he confessed his love for me.

Senpai never confessed, so I slowly put a sword deeper into the coffin and oh the blood was good the blood was good the blood was good

day 80 day one day 40 

hahahaha blood blood everywhere death everyone is dead why did i never do this before i can also become magical

just today i watched everyone who walked near me fall to the ground dead oh how had i never tasted blood before blood is good

who needs love when you have blood


  • TheFireDragoon's planned submission for the Spooky Scary Writing Competition was a corpse party story, which he only didn't use as he ran out of time.

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