Yancy (Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon)
Yancy (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Yancy's appearance
Full Name Yancy
Gender Female
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon

Yancy is a character in Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon. She is an actress in Jubilife City. She used to go to school with Sam and Zoren. Her partner pokémon is Tynamo.


Yancy first appears in chapter eight, where she meets the group at a cafe in Jubilife City. She then show the group around the TV Studio where she works. After that, she asks Sam to lunch with her, but Sam declines her offer because he already made plans with Sarah, Zoren, and Lucy.

Later, she is shown crying at her desk in her dressing room, because she is sad that Sam doesn't notice her. Silver appears behind her and offers to help her, and she wonders what he means by that. So she follows Silver out of the room.

It is later reveled that she agreed to help Team Pulsar steal some equipment from the TV Studio, after Sylvia used a Mysterious Device on her. The group sees her in the TV Studio loading as she is helping Team Pulsar, and she reveals that she has been in love with Sam, but he has never noticed it. She battles the group on Sylvia's orders, using her Tynamo. She manages to defeat Mudkip, Charmander, and Piplup, however Cyndaquil uses the energy from a Charge beam attack and an Ember attack to be able to evolve and defeat Tynamo.

After Yancy's Tynamo was defeated, she was hurt by the Mysterious Device as it began to malfunction, due to Yancy's internal conflicts. The group helps Yancy walk away from the scene. Yancy explains to the group about why she helped Team Pulsar. Then Sarah explains that the device was weakening Yancy's logic, and increasing her emotion, to the point where she really wasn't in control of her actions. However, Yancy disagreed with Sarah, as she though it was her fault. She then runs off, crying, because of her mistake of helping Team Pulsar.

While she is running away, Sam grabs her arm to stop her. Sam then agrees to go to lunch with Yancy, like she had asked him to do the day before. Yancy asks him why he would do that after everything she had just done. Sam explains that everyone makes mistakes, but everyone learns from their mistakes, and he thinks that Yancy will learn from her mistakes and become a great person. Yancy hugs Sam, and agrees to go to lunch with him.