Yōso Sentō  is a fighting game and the first instalment of the Yōso Sentō series, and was developed and published by Nintendo. It was released for the Nintendo Wii U. Similar to most fighting games, players must knock out (or K.O) the other fighter by diminishing their health bar. This game is highly based around magic and elements which are used in all fighter's unique move sets. 


Game Mechanics

The game is very similar to most fighting games. Two players fight again each other using attacks and special moves, highly based around elemental magic. Every fighter has a unique moveset based on an element they use. Players knockout the other fighter when their opponent's health bar is empty. Players fight in a variety of different arenas, each having a unique mechanic or gimmick to them. Unlike most fighting games, character's have special moves, these can be activated when the combo gauge is full. Yōso Sentō has a variety of game modes including a story mode, online mode, tag-team mode and quick-match. 





Image Name Description Element
Yukiko Gushiken Yukiko is an 18 year old girl who was born in the small village Noji. When she was young her parents discovered she had no elemental powers and sent her away from the town thinking she was cursed. She survived in the wild until one day she got chased by a pack of wolves and stumbled across a hermit who fought off the wolves and took her in. She has been taught how to fight by the hermit but she doesn't feel accepted by anyone and desperately wants element magic so she can fit in. She joins the tournament hoping she might somehow learn an element and then her family would love her again. N/A
??? ??? Fire
??? ??? Water
??? ??? Plant
??? ??? Air
??? ??? Earth
??? ??? Rock
??? ??? Fight
??? ??? Mind
??? ??? Light
??? ??? Dark
??? ??? Life
??? ??? Death
??? ??? Electric
??? ??? Metal
??? ??? Ice
??? ??? Poison
??? ??? Animal
??? ??? Love
??? ??? Time
??? ??? Space
??? ??? Ghost
??? ??? Sound
??? ??? Acid


Image Name Description Element
??? ??? Wood
??? ??? Flower
??? ??? Fungi
??? ??? Mud
??? ??? Sand
??? ??? Crystal
??? ??? Weather
??? ??? Blood
??? ??? Cyber
??? ??? Luck
??? ??? Sound
??? ??? Fairy
??? ??? Rainbow
??? ??? Moon
??? ??? Sun
??? ??? Dragon
??? ??? Lava
??? ??? Chaos
??? ??? Bug
??? ??? Fire
??? ??? Water
??? ??? Earth
??? ??? Air
??? ??? Electric





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