Xyphyl the Red Mew
Xyphyl is an oddly colored Mew.
Current Age Unkown
Date of Birth Unkown
Zodiac Sign Unkown
Gender Male
Location The Forest of Mew
Family and Relations
Has a crush on Princess Blooe
Main Weapon(s) Psychic Powers

Moveset: Psychic, Aura Sphere, Earthquake, Metronome

Ability/ies Levitate
Vulnerable To Darkness
Xyphyl, Red
First Appearance Pokemon: Legends of Mew
Latest Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Universe
Xyphyl is a Mew, one of the rarest Pokémon; they are usually pink if you're even lucky enough to find one. They can be blue if you are lucky enough, but have you ever seen a red Mew? Xyphyl has a mutated gene that caused his skin to turn red. He is determined to show the world how awesome a red Mew can actually be!


These are the moves he can use in every game he appears in:

Pokemon: Legends of Mew

In this game, Xyphyl starts with four moves, much like any other Pokemon. His moves are as follows:

  • Psychic
  • Aura Sphere
  • Earthquake
  • Metronome

Fantendo Smash Bros. Universe

Xyphyl will be an unlockable character; he is unlocked by

His Moveset is as follows:



  • Neutral Attack: Kicks forward
  • Forward Tilt: Whips tail forward
  • Upward Tilt: Swings his tail upward
  • Downward Tilt: Swings tail forward
  • Dash Attack:Dives onto the ground, doing a somersault


  • Side Smash: Pulls back then flings himself forward
  • Up Smash: Jumps upward with strong force
  • Down Smash: Tail Whip. Swings his tail in a circle


  • Neutral Attack: Kick forward for a longer period of time
  • Forward Arial: Spins like Sonic in a spindash, using his tail as a weapon
  • Downward Arial: Swings his tail downward
  • Upward Arial: Spins around quickly


  • Neutral: Aura Sphere; charges a ball of aura to shoot
  • Side Special: Future Sight; sends out a ball that explodes with Psychic energy after a while
  • Up Special: Teleport; warps upward
  • Down Special: Earthquake; much like Venasaur in SSBB, Xyphyl creates an earthquake
  • Finisher: Xyphyl will create a psychic forcefield around him that prevents damage and makes him incredibly fast with strong and fast moves


  • Entrance: Appears with Princess Blooe, and she pats him on the shoulder, disappearing afterward.
  • Grab: Uses Psychic to hold opponent in place
  • Pummel: Channels psychic energy to damage the opponent
  • Throws: Uses Psychic to toss them in that direction
  • Ledge Attack: Gets up, crouches, and whips his tail forward


  • Twirls, creating a spark of psychic energy
  • Transforms into a random Pokemon with Transform


  • Floats gently, left to right
  • Sneezes similarly to a cat and shakes his head

The Fantendo Pit

Xyphyl is a Default Character in the Fantendo Pit. His moveset is:

  • Entrance: Uses Teleport
  • Basic Attack: Earthquake
  • Side Attack: Aura Sphere
  • Up Attack: Psychic Launch
  • Finisher: Psychic Explosion
  • Victory Pose: Twirls, creating sparks
  • Losing Pose: Floats down onto all-fours


Xyphyl, as a red Mew, was ridiculed for being different. He was insulted by every other Mew he came across. He has no friends, but is determined to show the world what he is capable of!


A full gallery of all artwork of Xyphyl.


  • Xyphyl is rumored to be ridiculed in every game he will appear in, but will become everyone's saviour by the end
  • He is called Red, offencively, by every other Mew, but Princess Blooe uses it as a nickname for him
  • Xyphyl will appear in a Smash Bros. game, Fantendo Smash Bros. Universe