Xtreme Blue is the first game made by Ultimate Pyramid Productions, and it was made on January 16, 2009 for the Nintendo Wii. It is rated M for violence, blood, sexual humor, and language.


The graphics are cel-shaded and look like Wind Waker. One of the unique things about the graphics is that every single object is colored in with crayons, giving the game an extremely cartoony feel.


The soundtrack includes AC/DC, Twisted Sister, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Aerosmith, Kiss, Pantera, Slipknot, Nirvana, and Guns 'n' Roses.


It is an action platform/RPG. Weapons include an AK-47, a sword, a chainsaw, a banana, etc... There are ten levels.


Xtreme Blue is critically acclaimed. Several gaming sources such as IGN, Game Informer, and Nintendo Power gave it 10/10, being praised for it's graphics, music, and gameplay. Despite this, it was near-universally panned by Fantendo critics, being given a 5/10 by Metal Bones Inc. (calling it "a little bit strange") and Cobweb Critics giving it a 3/10, saying that Xtreme Blue could not please anyone because "those who enjoy violent games will be disappointed by the cartoony feel, and those who enjoy more cheerful games will be disappointed by the violence."

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