It is incredible that, no matter what I do, no matter where I go, you always manage to find me and my kind, humans. I'm tired of running, and quite is time I finished you off for not only my own good, but for my race, and for the worlds we came from in order to prosper and live peacefully with all in the Zaxinian Lifts. You'll regret killing everyone else I know and love -- goodbye, Zaxinian scum.
Xtise, before his short battle with Scotch's crew

Xtise Stquse
Xtise, as drawn by Exo
Current Age Aprox. 150
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Otherworld Alien
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Crimson Blade
Vulnerable To Electricity
Height 5'06"
Xtise Stquse, once known as "Commander Alien", is the last permanent member to join the Vinegar Troops in General's Journey and once the leader of a great alien race that wished to affiliate with humans and prosper happily before arrogant members of Mallory's troops shot them down. Power-hungry and seeking revenge, he wished to destroy all humans before joining Scotch's team and learning of the great threat that Mallory presented. He lives his days attempting to find and murder Mallory as revenge for killing his family.


Unlike many "villains", Xtise tends to be fairly polite, unless driven by anger or a form of madness. He tends to think that he stands above everyone else, especially over humans, and usually puts himself before them, but when it comes to defending himself and his kind, he will fight anyone -- including those he is affiliated with, if they dare have weapons strong enough to put them out of existence. In battle, he is still polite and will usually compliment one's talents, although will bluntly insult them if they happen to be Scotch or related to him. He holds a grudge against Scotch for he had bested him in battle.

Besides this, it's fairly hard to judge Xtise's personality, even for aliens of his kind, since he is so silent and isolated from everyone else. The only person he talks to daily is Scotch, who doesn't really listen to him that much or comment on his issues with humanity or Scotch's own family.


Xtise is notable for his incredible swordsman skills, able to fight very effectively with the erroneously named Crimson Blade and keep his distance while still striking heavy blows. With his oddly shaped legs, he can pace back and forth and to the sides very quickly, making him a surprisingly agile fighter. Xtise doesn't possess superhuman strength in any form, but he can emerge toxins from his head and hands to badly poison anyone on touch.

Adding to his impressive agility, Xtise can immediately withdraw a weapon and bring out a new one within the same two seconds, and his mind works so fast that he already is skilled with whatever weapon he's using at the moment. While his main weapon is the Crimson Blade, he can also bring out the Crimson Mace or the Crimson Ax for distanced attacks and extreme power respectively.



  • Xtise's name is a corruption of "Elise". In Xtise's species, feminine names are given to males and vice versa. A person named "Joxathon" (Jonathan corruption), for example, would likely be female.

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