The Music Chart is a bonus feature in XoverstarX, which lets the player listen to the available music of the game, and explains some detailed information about the songs.

It is unlocked when all the Tours have been won under the Hardcore difficulty.

List of Songs

# Title Played At Series Detailed Information
1 XoverstarX Theme Title Screen XoverX It is an original theme. It has electric guitars wailing at the melody, but also has some 8-bit beats.
2 XoverstarX Theme (Elevator) Main Menu XoverX An elevator remix of the above XoverstarX theme.
7 Sweet Apple Acres Sweet Apple Acres My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic A country remix of the Raise This Barn song. Contains some tunes from the Friendship is Magic theme song.
8 Jibberish Jungle Jibberish Jungle Rayman A remix of the Jibberish Jungle themes of Rayman Origins.
10 Mario Circuit Mario Circuit Super Mario A remix of Mario Kart 7's Mario Circuit, using saxophones and pianos as the medley. The tune also contains the first notes of the Overworld theme from Super Mario Bros.
11 Menhir Hills Menhir Hills Rayman A remix of the Riding Shell theme from Rayman 2: The Great Escape.
18 Route 217 Route 217 Pokémon A even more winter-ish remix of Route 216 of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, complete with sleigh bells.
20 Vanessa Circuit Vanessa Circuit Phineas & Ferb A Techno remix of the song Busted, that appeared in the episode "I Scream, You Scream".
22 Luigi Circuit Luigi Circuit Super Mario A remix of Mario Kart 64's Luigi Raceway. Includes a jingle from the Credits theme of Luigi's Mansion.
44 Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Phineas & Ferb A quite joyful remix medley of various songs, being Goody Two-Shoes Brother, Brand New Best Friend and Back in Gimmelstump. Includes the DEI Evil Jingle at the start.
57 Results Theme #K-1 Results: 1st Place (Kart) Nintendo Land A remix of the Mario Chase Results theme.
67 XoverX Theme Credits XoverX An original theme, performed with orchestra instruments.

List of DLC Songs

Some music gets obtainable when some Downloadable content is bought. This list will include those songs.

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