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Platform(s) APIMHanabiSmall
Release Date(s)
TBA 2014
Single Player, Multi Player
Age Rating(s)
E10Rating 7Rating CERO A OFLC PG
Genre(s) Fighting

XovercuffX (pronounced as "ex-over-cuff-ex") is another crossover game by APIM Group, Inc., and the second game in the XoverX franchise, the first being XoverstarX. This game is once again an Umbrella Game, having some the creator's favorite characters being playable yet again. Unlike XoverstarX, it is a more traditional Umbrella Game, being more of a Fighting game, with its gameplay being similar to Super Smash Bros. and Street Fighter. This game also features some joke characters.


There are two different fighting modes: 2D and 3D. 2D lets the player only move left and right with the circle pad. Up and down are looking up and crouching, respectively. In 3D, however, the player is able to move in any direction with said circle pad, but looking up and crouching are now Y and L, respectively.

In both modes, the A Button lets the player jump, X lets the player punch and B lets the player unleash a special attack. The player can do many different moves by pressing the X or B Button simultaneously with the buttons that lets the play walking into a direction, look up or crouch, akin to the Smash Bros. games. They will do a different attack in the air when pressing the X button. Each character has its own moveset and each play differently.

The objective of a Regular Match in either mode is to deplete the health meter of the opponent(s) by attacking them, similar to Street Fighter. The last one standing wins. It is possible to knock the opponents off the screen, which would deplete their health meter by 10%.

There is another type of match called Stamina Match, which is similar to Super Smash Bros. again. The objective here is to knock the opponent(s) out by getting them off the screen. The health meter is replaced by a Stamina meter, which will increase when receiving damage. When the the percentage of the meter opponent's goes higher, the opponents will be sent higher into the air and will take a longer time to recover, making it easier to knock it off the stage.

In both modes and match types, items are able to appear on the stage, which can be grabbed (and used) by pressing A. A special item, however, is the Red X, which is an item that will unleash a Supercuff move by pressing B when the player has received its power. The Red X's power can be received when the player has attacked it just enough times. Once again, each character has its own Supercuff move.

Game Modes

There are several game modes that can be played.

  • Quick Match (1-4 players, 2D and 3D, Regular and Stamina) - Quick Match is a standard mode which the player is able to do as many matches as he likes, with multiplayer support, changeable settings and restrictions, and can play on any map as he pleases (as long as the player has unlocked it).
  • Tournament (1-2 players, 2D only, Regular only) - Players can play as characters and play a tournament to get a trophy and another gift (depending on the situations). The opponents are chosen random at the beginning, but it also depends who the player will be fighting against whether who won or not. Can be played in Co-Op.
  • Smash Streak (1-2 players, 2D only, Stamina Only) - The player has to defeat a set of opponents on 14 random stages and at the end fights a random boss.
  • Adventure (1 player, 3D only, Stamina only) - The player gets through 9 original stages and fights certain opponents to clear them. A boss that changes depending on the player's character has to be fought at the end.
  • One-VS-All (1 player, 3D only, Regular only) - The player has to fight 100 opponents (5 at a time) per stage. There are five in one sitting and the opponents get harder each stage.



For detailed moveset information, see Playable Characters

There are 102 different playable characters, minus DLC-related characters.


There's a total amount of 42 default characters

Name Image Description Series Icon
Yoshi Yoshi Happy Yoshi is ready to egg his opponents. He's ready to eat them, too. Literally, because he's hungry. SSB Mario Series
Super Mario
Luigi Luigiart3 Luigi may be a coward, but he's still a force that needs to be reckoned with. His year may be over, but he won't stop that easily. SSB Mario Series
Super Mario
Perry PerryPnFArt This is not an ordinary platypus. He's actually a secret agent with an assortment of handy gadgets. Phineas & Ferb
Pikachu PikachuDream This is a Mouse Pokémon, and he's ready to shock his opponents! He's also lightning fast, so watch out. SSB Pokémon Series
Lopunny LopunnyPMD She may look cute, but she knows just enough tricks to let her opponents whimper of agony (especially if they tug her ears). SSB Pokémon Series
Applejack ApplejackProfile An orange Pony that is a quite strong applebucker and farmer. Stubborn yet honest, she's determined to kick her opponent's butt. MLP FiM Series
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Blaze Blazebacktotheorigins Blaze is a princess from another dimension than Sonic's. She is quite stoic, but can really burn anyone up! SSB Sonic Series
Sonic the Hedgehog
Rayman OriginsRayman1 A creation by the Nymphs of the Glade of Dreams. He's slap-happy and has a real fighting spirit, but may come over as a bit goofy. Rayman
Pesh PeshNvF2D Handy with a sword, commandeering Pushies and facing dangers greater than he can handle, Pesh is here to slice his opponents into pieces. PusherP Series
Pusher's Pile
Fone FoneBone This little fellow is one of the three Bone cousins. Fone is the most responsible and level-headed of the three... and he has to use everything he can to survive! Bone


There's a total amount of 68 unlockable characters

Name Image Description Method Series Icon
Hawlucha 701Hawlucha Hawlucha is the most awesome Pokémon from the Kalos region: it's an avianoid luchador that may look tiny, but is just as strong as a Hariyama! Win a Tournament as a lightweight characters. SSB Pokémon Series
Moth MothDopterra Moth is a feisty adventurer from a place known as "Dopterra". He's a cute-looking yellow moth with red, enormous antennae, a cool sword, and flight powers that rival the flappiest of birds. Get a (combined) total of 3000 feet in flight distance. Dopterraverse
Trip Trip This guy claims a lot of things: he claimed that he is a so-called "Portal Master", that he's the boyfriend of much better characters, that he's respected by everyone and that he has every single power and can control them all. This is all false. He's just a lying bragger that can't do any jack, and is one of the unlockable joke characters. Lose 30 Quick Matches in 3D Mode. SSB Fantendo Mary Sues Series
Fantendo Mary Sues

Other Confirmed

  • Mega Man
  • Proto Man
  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Nabbit
  • Princess Daisy
  • John Egbert
  • King Dedede



Name Image Description Music Tracks 2D 3D Series
Dance Inferno DanceInferno A dancing stage in the Wish Park. Random Pokémon might join in to dance along the music (rather slow or fast depending on the music's pacing). Team Charm's Theme (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky)
Times Like These {Great Canyon + Sky Tower Remix} (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon)
Sashay's Theme (Pokémon Battle Revolution)
Team Charm (Trance Remix)
Train Depot (PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond)
Miror B.'s Theme (Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness)
Check small X mark SSB Pokémon Series
Bomb Factory BombFactoryStage This here is the standard Bomberman stage, with the green floor and gray blocks. Some of the Bombers are still battling here, so the fighters need to watch out for the particularly strange cross explosions (especially when they're upgraded with Fire-Ups, Pierce Bombs or Power Gloves). Battle Theme (Bomberman Blitz)
Stage 1 Theme (Super Bomberman)
Battle Theme (Bomberman Generation)
Check small Check small Bmbrmn Series
Skaia Battlefield TheBattlefieldInSkaia The Battlefield is a planet that lies under the thick atmosphere of Skaia. It apparently changes every time a player enters Sburb with a prototyped sprite, so don't be surprised when the field suddenly warps a bit. Wars between the kingdoms of Prospit and Derse also take place here. X mark Check small Homstck Series

Unlockable Stages

Name Image Description How to Unlock Music Tracks 2D 3D Series
Bowser Land BowserLand The eighth world in Super Mario 3D World is actually a giant amusement park with Bowser's face all over it, taking place high above the skies of the Sprixie Kingdom. A Platform brings the fighters through all the highlights, including the Great Bowser Tower. Watch out for the Koopa Troop visitors! Play as ??? ??? times. World Bowser (Super Mario 3D World)
A Banquet with Hisstocrat
Road to the Great Tower
Jr. Street (Mario Hoops 3-on-3)
Switch Scramble Circus
X mark Check small SSB Mario Series
Super Mario

Other Confirmed Stages

  • Scrooge's Office (DuckTales)
  • Moon Mansion (Sonic: After the Sequel)
  • Acorn Plains (New Super Mario Bros. U)
  • Wily Castle (Mega Man 2)
  • Gotham City (Batman)


Coming soon-ish


  • Figurine Chart - See a list of detailed information about the Figurines.
  • Achievements - The achievements a player can get in this game. This gets supported by the APIM Achievements System.
  • Music Chart - More detailed information about the music in this game.

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