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Original (and current) logo.
Type of Company Software Developer
Founder(s) Eniz
Founded at/in November 2014
Defunct at/in N/A
Headquarters Reykjavik, Iceland
Area(s) Served World
Owner(s) Eniz
Xiphance is a game company created by Eniz that will be creating games for Nintendo systems.


Xiphance was founded by the user Eniz in November 2014 as a software developer. It picked up its first project, The Legend of Zelda: Evil Awakens, and began to create the game (which will release in spring 2015). Xiphance's name originated from latin root xiph- and suffix -ance, making the name mean "to do by the sword". The name's meaning is preserved in the company's motto, "With the sword of influence, create a scar in the world."


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