The dark robot genie as he appears in Indigo Guy Legions.
Full Name Xinbo
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth  ???
Zodiac Sign  ???
Gender Unknown
Location  ???
Ability/ies  ???
First Appearance Indigo Guy Legions
Xinbo is a mysterious genie who appeared in Indigo Guy Legions, he is stronger than Impko. Indigo Guy may scare some times.



Xinbo appears as first appearance and the Main villain of the game.

Indigo Guy Party

Xinbo appears as in Indigo Guy Party 5, to be a another but dangerous space. Unlike Impko Space, he can steal all coins and all rings to make no win.

Yoshi's Block Puzzle Adventure

Xinbo appears as an unhelper, which he can make a grey line that he does not break.

Indigo Rage

Xinbo appears as a villain with ghost cannons.

Indigo Guy: Project Z.E.R.O.

Xinbo appears as Zen guard.

And more appearances...

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