Xin, the clumsy superstar.
Full Name Xin
Current Age 2,300
Date of Birth Month of Whydoesitmatter, Day of Youshouldn'tcare
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Male
Species Star
Location Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.
First Appearance Shooting Stars
 Xin is a small young star who is the main character in the Shooting Stars series. A very clumsy character who is still growing up, he is constantly getting lost in space and requires the player's help to get him back to his star colony, setting up the events for the games.


Shooting Stars

Xin's first appearance will be in the upcoming game Shooting Stars, formally revealed at the Fantendo Carnival Showcase 2015. He is set to be the main playable character of the game.


Xin, being a very young star, (in star ages anyways) carries most of the traits of a common child. Xin is very curious and is always messing around but lacks no judgement of either good or bad and often gets into trouble because of this. Xin is also physically very weak and is generally unwilling to help others because he can't do much on his own (this is reflected by the point of his own game being to guide him around rather than directly controlling him).


  • Xin went through approximately 4 name changes because the creator stinks at remembering his own characters.
  • Originally, Xin's design was slightly different in which the knot of the cape was located below his face but was changed to make it look less "awkward".
  • Xin was originally going to be a new Pokémon for Pokémon Dawn and Dusk Versions under the name Starricape, a reference to the codename for Shooting Stars.