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Full Name Xifos
Current Age 16 - during the events of Rising Void
Gender Male
Location Scholar's Plains, Continent of Choroya, Tekrast
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Shortsword
Ability/ies Novice-level Aeromancy
Novice-level swordsmanship
First Appearance Light In The Darkness: Rising Void

An anomaly among the peaceful Leptirican race for choosing the sword over the scrolls, Xifos chose his path due to the encroaching threat of the Aeternum Mali, believing that direct action was needed to protect the Scholar's Plains from their influence.

Physical Description

A fairly lean Leptirican who stands a little over three feet tall, Xifos bears the trademark physiology of his species, namely in the form of large, feathery, antenna-like ears, two pairs of moth-like wings, and a feathery tail. He has a short snout with slitted nostrils, and digitigrade legs.

His physical design is based on the Atlas Moth; as such, his color scheme is primarily reddish-orange and white, with a bit of black. His eyes are also light green in color.



Even at a young age, Xifos was somewhat different from his brethren. He never seemed to be interested in his studies, instead preferring to explore the world around him, hands-on. While field observations were a normal occurrence for any Leptirican scholar, Xifos always went steps further and delved into places that were quite dangerous for a child, finding a thrill in the rush of adventure.

His childhood friend, Fiore, had been born blind, and as such he acted as a sort of seeing-eye companion for her. The two were nigh inseparable, and he would always bring her back various objects he found on his travels; leaves from mystical Aurawood Trees, smooth, translucent stones, anything he found interesting. Fiore would describe the objects to him through her touch alone, and this fascinated him; he believed that she had an incredible level of insight, far beyond even that of the wisest scholars.

Threat of the Aeternum Mali


Being a Leptirican, Xifos is capable of flight, and his wings are nearly silent while flying. He is a decently skilled swordsman, having practiced for quite a few months now, but is nowhere near the level of a seasoned warrior. He has some novice-level Aeromancy at his command, and can generate small, sharp crescents of concentrated air by flapping his wings, or by drawing Wind-magic into his forearms and swinging them.

Like all Leptiricans, his wings can generate a fine powder when flapped hard enough; this powder can be used to temporarily disorient opponents.

Friends and Foes


  • Fiore - An apprentice scholar who was born blind, she nevertheless seems to be able to see things that others cannot...


  • Fiore - An apprentice scholar who was born blind, she nevertheless seems to be able to see things that others cannot...




Headstrong and brave, Xifos is deeply dedicated to the protection of his home. He dislikes the idea of taking a diplomatic approach to things, and will not hesitate to confront anything he feels is a threat to his friends, family and home. Somewhat reckless, he has a habit of underestimating his opponents.

Despite this, he is a kind and loyal friend, and fiercely protective, as well.



Biggest Fears


Don't you see?! Words won't sway them! We need to take action!