Xerra, the last of the Beorns.
Gender Female
Class Hero
Last of the Beorns?
First Appearance Fantendo - Drive (in her own ongoing series)

Xerra is a female Beorn that first appeared in the Fantendo - Drive series called Xerra: The Last Beorn, which she is stranded on a tundra like planet and comes under the impression she is the last of the Beorns. She appearently flew out so far that the planet is mostly populated by robots.


Xerra was one of the many Beorns that were able to escape Zeon's destruction, however her course was sent out of whack by Unten's escape pod, causing her to propel towards uncharted space for a unspecified period of time. She finally woke up in a gaezbo of a unknown planet, where she met Red Eyes and Hodges.

More to come...


Xerra is rough and rude to unfamiliar people and strangers, and can act extremely aggressive towards people she perceives as enemies. She, however, can be a lot softer with people she has gotten to know. She has violent thoughts and feelings deep inside her towards Unten and her own perceived failings, murdering them in dream sequences.


Xerra: The Last Beorn


Xerra was based off the idea that there could be Beorns out there, who believe they are the last of their kind, which was explored in a comment by Somarinoa (tbc):

Yes, but it's also like saying "All Saiyans or Kryptonians are dead" but keep having characters of these species show up despite someone being the "last". Chances are the devastation means they won't see another of their kind for a long time, and they may very well come to believe that they are the only one(s) left. When in reality, it would be virtually impossible to actually tell if someone was the last of anything, and "the last of the ____s" is not necessarily entirely accurate and can be used as a simple terminology at times.

It is also possible that nobody still alive knows any of the other survivors are, thereby making them all the last of the species as far as anybody can tell. For the same reason that just because you find only one bird from a species left and declare it "the last" there might be another out there, SOMEWHERE. No way to actually tell.
Somarinoa on Origin's page, in response to criticism that Unten was no longer "the last Beorn".

Xerra's design is based off Unten's original look in Fissure (2014), although much more scuffed up and featuring a bag by her side. Despite the comparsions, Xerra retains very few of Unten's character traits.


  • Xerra's earlier names included:
    • Yelzi
    • Gihal
    • Alfanzi
    • Caurtz
    • Aperlin
  • It is currently unknown if Xerra will ever meet any of the bigger characters in the canon due to the fact she is stranded so far away.
  • Xerra's theme is Hunger of the Pine by alt-J.