Xero Chronicles: Looking For Luz is a game By Stelios7 (tbc) for Series Swap Day 2.5.


Xero, free of amnesia, go and celebrate exploring with Retro and Luz. They discover the land of A Athene small paradise island, which is being populated by a group of Prisoners. Who Xero seems to recognise, Luz goes missing after Xero and Retro spend time with their new friends. Mistaken as prisoners. Xero takes it, as for all the bad things he has done. But, Retro escapes, and must find Luz, who is a strong swimmer.


The Gameplay is similar to the previous games, but a new feature is added where Retro must survive on Food around the Island to keep his Health Meter Pumped.


  • Xero -
  • Retro - Playable for the majority of the game.
  • Danamoe - One of Xero's new best friends. He is a crab, who used to be a pick-pocket a few islands away.
  • Luz -
  • Liz - Luz's new friend.
  • Sharp - A Shark who is Retro's companion, he is very sly and appears in places quickly.

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