Xero: The Tunnel
Developer(s) Cow Inc.
Publisher(s) 77 Heru's Inc.
Platform(s) Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 2
Release Date(s)
June 2010
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG

Xero: The Tunnel is a game in the Xero Chronicles. It stars the swordsman Xero, who has been plunged into a catatonic sleep by an unknown event. Xero must explore the darkest depths of his own mind to discover the cause of his catatonia.
The game was part of Series Swap Day, in which various writers took control of each others' series.


The game begins with Xero, bloody and battered, falling to the ground. He is found and taken to a hospital, but it is too late: he lapses into catatonia.
Xero begins dreaming of a tunnel that leads out into a blinding light. He crawls through the tunnel, finding himself in a large, white room. The room is empty except for someone who appears to be Luz. Xero runs toward "Luz", confused and scared. "Luz" tells Xero that he is catatonic and dying- everything he's seeing is a hallucination or a dream. Xero asks the Dream Luz what happened to cause this- Xero himself has no memory of the events of the past week. Dream Luz tells him that the only way for him to know is to delve deeper into his own mind and retrieve his memories. Xero reluctantly agrees. Dream Luz says that Xero must him to go back down the tunnel, where he will enter his subconscious. Before Xero leaves, Dream Luz reminds him that while his conscious mind does not know what caused the catatonia, his subconscious mind does, and that he should always be on the lookout for clues. Xero goes down the tunnel and enters his mind.
Xero explores outer layers of his subconscious, defeating various creatures created from his fears and nightmares. After beating many fear creatures and having gone through the entire outer layer, he manages to retrieve one of his memories: He had been working with Luz to track down a dark spirit of some sort. With this new information, he goes further into his mind, defeating more and more fear creatures and accumulating more memories. Soon, he has acquired enough memories to realize that the dark spirit had possessed Luz. It then forced Luz to attack Xero, presumably hurting him so badly that he went into a coma. Xero, however, realizes that he's still missing one last memory. He then enters the very center of his subconscious mind and defeats the manifestation of all of his dark impulses. After a grueling battle with his evil side, Xero gains the final memory, and he remembers fully what happened: He managed to wrest the evil being out of Luz, but the creature turned and possessed Xero instead. Xero, determined to destroy the creature, hurled himself off of a building. The creature held onto life, keeping Xero alive with it.
As Xero ponders what to do, the creature inside his physical body begins attacking his mind, trying to subdue the Xero persona. Xero fights back, and finally defeats the thing once and for all. The creature, however, was the only thing keeping Xero alive. Xero feels himself floating away into a long tunnel with light at the end, but he is drawn back to life by Dream Luz. Xero awakens in his hospital bed, very much alive. He wonders how, if Dream Luz was really only just a dream, how Dream Luz saved him. He relaxes in his bed and falls into a peaceful sleep.

Gameplay & Graphics

Xero: The Tunnel is a 3D RPG. Its graphic style varies throughout the game- it starts out realistic and gritty, but becomes more and more surreal, colorful, and twisted the further the player delves into Xero's psyche.