Type of Company Director
Founder(s) "Exotoro" (tbc)
Founded at/in February 12th, 2016
Headquarters Exoverse (Pane 1)
Area(s) Served Earth
Owner(s) "Exotoro" (tbc)
No. of Employee(s) "Exotoro" (tbc)
Predecessor Toroko
Parent Company Toroko
Xenoro (also known as Xenoro Publishing) is a new company that is a subsidiary of Toroko, branching out into the world of fictional stories and writing. The company was created in the second month of the year 2016, although works dating before it's creation have been re-branded under the new company.

The logo depicts the word "Xenoro" in Segoe UI Light with a blue streak of ink/water intersecting with the logo. This represents the tone of their products according to the designer, as the stories are meant to be fairly serious compared to Toroko's works but a similar font bonds the two together. The lighter font is meant to represent the idea that while the works are fairly simpler at a glance, they are deeper than their appearance suggests.

Many of Xenoro's works are on Lapis Wiki as opposed to Fantendo, however they have a couple of titles here. They are most known for Fantendo - Genesis and Strafe: Warzones.



Lapis Wiki



It's never over...
OdyesseyII Orphesus
OdyesseyII Eurydice
OdyesseyII Argonauts
OdyesseyII Pentheus


  • This is the first publishing company Exotoro has made.


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